Chassis: Stock Bruiser

Body: Tamiya Bruiser/4runner Conversion

Wheelbase: 11 inches

Axles: TLT - locked with bushings

Tranny: EMaxx 2 speed

Motor: Standard 550

Gearing: 72 spur / 13 pinion

Driveshafts: Stampede with steel outputs

Shocks: Modified Bruiser

Steering: Stock TLT knuckles, custom linkages

Servos: Steering - JR Z9000T, Shifting - Hitec 645, Winch - Hitec 5925

Wheels: RC4WD aluminum beadlocks

Tires: Imex Swamp Dawgs (narrowed)

Battery : Novak 3600 Sub-C 7-cell

ESC: Novak Super Duty

Radio Gear: Futaba 4C stick AM

TMA Too Much Awesome 2.2

Text by Jay Kopycinski

Photos by DJ Colquitt

DJ Colquitt likes scale rigs as you'll surely see after we've given you the low down on this realistic RC Toyota. This yellow Bruiser was built from the ground up to look like a trail-weary version of a rock crawler you might find on any of a number of trails. Freshly built, it comes complete with faded paint, a front fender that looks like a primered replacement, and some body carnage.

The Tamiya Bruiser wound up in DJ's hands as payment for him building another rig for a fellow enthusiast. It was completely stock at the time. DJ had seen another Bruiser build done by Chino63 and this became his inspiration for a true scale rig. His goal was anything but a shelf queen. He wanted something that looked authentic and could be driven as such.

Starting with the original Bruiser chassis, DJ used modified Bruiser shocks attached to custom tubular shock hoops mounted to the frame rails. Tamiya TLT axles are locked and front coilover shocks assist the functional leaf springs. The axles are locked (of course!) and bushings are used in lieu of bearings to better withstand water submersion.

When it came time to setup the drivetrain, DJ started with a basic 550 sized motor but routed that into a Traxxas EMaxx tranny. A Hitec 645 servo shifts the 2-speed tranny to provide a torquey crawl speed mode or a higher ratio for transitioning through the easier wheeling sections. Stampede sliders are used for driveshafts with steel outputs (machined to fit tranny).

Stock TLT knuckles are connected using owner fabricated linkages and a JR Z9000T servo cranks out the steering movement. Narrowed Imex Swamp Dawgs combined with RC4WD beadlock wheels get this crawler rolling and add a more realistic look to the rig.

A Bruiser body was mounted 1/2 lower than stock height and the fender flares were cut out to accommodate larger tires. It was also modified to look more like a 4Runner body style. Body paint is simulated faded 1 st generation yellow, along with a mis-matched salvaged front fender and trail damaged A-pillar with cracked windshield.

Other custom touches model trail gear you'd probably find in a full-size trail Toy like this. There's the brazed tubing rollcage that hovers over the cab and bed areas, custom front and rear tube bumpers, spare tire and cooler racks, and rock sliders.

Then what's a serious crawler without a winch on hand. Well, this one's got that too. DJ took a Hitec 5925 servo and modified it to rotate continuously on command. Topping it with a sewing spool, the functional winch has several feet of miniature winch rope and a small hook.

The list of scale details is a long one and includes: driver, shifters, seats & harnesses, shovel & pick axe, ice chest, Igloo cooler, Fast air tank, trail box w/tow strap & sleeping bags, disc brakes, and fuel cell. Let your eyes study the photos you see here and there's lots of goodies to spy.

DJ built this scale Toyota to look like a well-worn trail rig and it gets used as such. He says he's driven it in water, rolled it, banged it up on the rocks and it's got the rock rash to prove it. He gives thanks to NMRCRC for support on building it and Robb (RobvBro81) at Hobbies-n-stuff.com for supplying many of the parts to complete this project.

We feel like hopping in TMA and hitting the rocks!

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