August 2011
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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Team3Six’s Rocklube Giveaway

Team3Six is having a giveaway for his newly produced rock crawling gear grease called rocklube and if that isn’t enough Norm of Team3Six decided to add some icing on the cake.

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Making a servo winch

From the beginning of RC rock crawling there has been a need of a winch, whether it is to winch the suspension down or to pull a crawler up an impossible rock face. As many of you know this aspect of radio control was born from home brewed chassis and some of the most ingenuitive people out there. And thats all it took for some of the founders of to figure out how to make a standard steering servo into a functional winch.

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Really again?

Yes that’s right Team Ted Rockz is doing it again this time giving away a Futaba 4PL transmitter. When will they stop? That’s a good question, but Im not complaining I may have said it before, but in case you missed it Team Ted Rockz!

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Vanquish Product’s Rocas Rojo 1.9s and Supers

As you may have heard before, this was the third year for Vanquish products La Guerra en Rocas Rojo, Colorado’s National qualifying event and part of the USRCCA’s national qualifying series.

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