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The Crawler Store giving it away!

If you have been searching around the forums today you may have noticed that TCS is doing three giveaways right now. Each one is for around 50.00 in product from their website For more information on the giveaways check out the details and the threads listed below.

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Win a new Wraith Kit before you can buy it! has teamed up with Axial to get a BRAND NEW Wraith kit in the hands of one of our lucky subscribers before they are available in stores!



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RC4WD has a new tire compound

We all know RC4WD puts out the most scale items in R/C rock crawling, but honestly with such scale looks its hard for parts to be very capable, especially tires, well RC4WD has been listening and they have a new super soft tire compound out. The buzz around the water cooler is they work really well too.

Starting out RC4WD has produced two tires with the new compound, both class 1 sized tires. Before class 1 was for street trucks where looks out weighed performance, now it is about looks, and performance.

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RC4WD’s Defender 110

RC4WD released the 10th scale Land Rover Defender 90 a little while ago, they are great looking trucks, but left crawlers wanting more. While they are great looking trucks, there was no four door option, with the only viable solution to cut apart two D90’s.

The short wheelbase left something to be desired in those steep climbs that crawlers often see. Well, RC4WD looked again to Land Rover this time with the Defender 110, the D110 is almost identical to the Defender 90, but the 110 offers a longer body and a longer wheelbase to go with it. The wheelbase from the D90 to D110 stretches from 11.10” to 13.14.” While just having this body is great RC4WD does one better, The Land Rover Defender 110 is now available as a ready to run crawler.

More new releases from Axial

If Axial wasn’t busy enough with getting the Wraith out in a kit they are now. Axial has released new links as well as new flanged ball ends. As many know its all about the details and the little things when trying to keep a rock crawler in one piece. Axial just added to our relief by putting out some more durable parts to allow our crawlers to take a beating.

But you don’t have to take my word for it check out the specs.

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Axial Wraith in a kit!



The day has finally come, thats right the Axial Wraith has officially been announced in Kit form. Word has been spreading over the forum board, that the Wraith kit was coming, but no one knew exactly when or just what it would come with. Now the time has come, Axial has released all the facts about this long sot after rock racer.

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New release’s from Pro-line

For all you Jeep fans out there Proline Racing has officially announced a one piece designed Jeep Comanche also know as a MJ. Proline has been using their Jeep Licensing extremely well showing know ends to all the great bodies that can be produced, only time will tell if they make a few more jeep bodies, but for now there are some options out there for all the scale guys.

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