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Thread: Well, I took a risk.

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Default Well, I took a risk.

And it paid off.

So, when I got my Subaru Baja, it had stock wheels on it, and a set of all season tires. They were bald. Like really bald, 1/32" tread left in the rear and not much more in front. So, I put my old WRX wheels with some decent tires on them on it instead. Thing is, the WRX is 205 55R16 stock size, the Baja is 225 60R16 stock. So, I ran those through the end of summer, and then I went on tire rack and got some snow tires. I got 205 65R16 for the snow tires, since they are the same diameter as stock, but narrower, which I find works better in the snow. When I had the snow tires set up on the stock wheels, the guys at the tire shop let me know that the wheel on the right rear was bent, like really bent, and the front right and left rear were bent, but just barely bent. And now, it is almost summer time, so I decided to get some summer tires going.

So, my ordeal started. I started watching the local CL for wheels. Specifically, I was looking for some stock Subaru wheels, and even more specifically, 1998-2003 Legacy GT wheels. To my luck, a set popped up less than a week ago! So, I jumped on them, but they came with tires on them for a Legacy, same as the WRX stock tire size. So, I went on tire rack again, and found a set of Sumitomo HTR-Z II tires. Kicker is, they're 235 60R16. I actually was trying to find some UHP summer tires in 245 55R16, but that size isn't common, and I couldn't find anything...

So, last weekend, on Saturday, I went down to the tire shop. They dismounted the tires on my new LGT wheels, the old WRX tires on my WRX wheels, and the winter tires on my stock wheels. They put my new tires on the LGT wheels, and my winter tires went on my WRX wheels. The tire guy said he seriously thought the tires I got were going to rub the fenders...

I went out after everything was mounted and balanced and they had the summer tires on. To my delight, they don't rub. At all. They're also very smooth on the road. They are almost an inch taller in diameter than my winter tires, and my Baja rides 3/4" higher off the ground than it did on them as well. The down side is that they are heavy. My winter tires are 19 lbs a pop, the Sumitomo's are 29 lbs a pop, and you can really feel that extra 40 lbs of weight on the tires when you drive it. Thankfully, I've upgraded my brakes, since I can drive hard at times, and in preparation for the future turbo engine transplant I'm saving up for.

I'll get some pics up, I got a quick snap with it on the stock wheels at the tire shop, but I want to wash it and go to a specific place for a good pic with the new LGT wheels on it. I feel like I did a lot of work to get this combination, but I'm glad I gambled on it, it worked out really well for me in the end.
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Default Re: Well, I took a risk.

good call on the skinny winter rubber, that's what they do in rally racing! cuts through the snow like a pizza cutter down to the actual road surface.
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