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66sprint6 07-31-2011 09:00 PM

Thanks man, I do what I can!!! I used to stink but Ive tweaked and tweaked to get both my rigs where I want em!

I dont have alot of cash but I cant stand bein down for too long so I hollered at a buddy (twisted nuts) to show me his permanent output fix. I took his idea and ran with what I had layin around and this is what I got.

Piece of 3/16" solid rod, made some pics and there ya have it, solid steel, once piece output shaft.

Pics suck, but you get the idea



I rebuilt the front shocks while I was at it and messed with some stiffer springs but they hurt what little flex I had so I went back to what I had before. I dont wanna mess with it too much cause its doin so well, but I think I can squeeze a little more out of it!

j-bird 07-31-2011 10:39 PM

sweet thats a good idea...leave it to a tn redneck to come up with a great bulletproof plan...lmao..:lmao:

66sprint6 08-01-2011 08:22 AM

This is what happens when TWO TN rednecks put their heads together LOL. I took his idea and made it one piece out both sides and solid as hell. I plan on doin this to my other trannys too just as a precaution...no more trail rides cut short thanks to a lame busted outdrive!!!

66sprint6 08-04-2011 10:15 AM

Done a little work since last update, mostly out of necessity lol. I took the ESC out of its little case and made a styrene contained that was a tad bigger on each side. I filled it with clear epoxy and set the board in it. I then covered it completely in the remaining epoxy minus the heat sink. It is now permanently sealed and BETTER be waterproof :lmao: I also added some driveshaft rings to keep them from popping loose anymore. All this combined with the bulletproof output shaft should make things a little more reliable...which is good cause I got a nasty little motor on its way for Sats run. :twisted:

In an attempt to get a little more flex outta this thing as well as get the COG down a tad I finally got around to adding some weight to the wheels. I only added 3oz per wheel (one stick) which brought the individual wheel weight up to 6.5oz. I was running fairly close to a 60/40 weight bias with the majority bein at the front without any wheel weights so I decided to keep all 4 wheels evenly weighted. I weighed it again with and added 2oz to the rear of the rig (gas tank) to get it spot on. While I was at it I replaced the front foams as they were soaked thanks to the breather holes lol. Im actually quite proud of how well these foams have held up. They were brown from the muddy water but after a little bit of time on the vent they dried right up and could be used again if needed.

Thats it for now, nothin really picture worthy but Ill try to snap a pic of the ESC if needed. I will post up after Sats beating and see how it goes.

66sprint6 08-06-2011 09:13 PM

Got a chance to beat the piss outta the ole Bronco and lemme tell you, this was the best Ive ever seen it perform!!!

We hit up Montgomery Bell State Park in the rain. It was muddy, wet which seems to be the norm lately. LOVED IT!!!


This time around the waterproofing proved to work which was good cause I hit some tuff water spots. This is a shot after hitting a gully full of water, didnt think Ide make it but powered into and right out the other side spitting the passenger leaf springs out on the opposite shore :lmao:



LocTight was applied along with some longer screws and the Bronco was back on the trail.

Flexes pretty well with the new Chino springs...and this is with NO break in time!!!


This is a shot of one of the nastiest uphill sections Ive ever encountered. I didnt think it was even close to possible but the Bronco fought tooth and nail to the top. I worked for every scale inch of ground and when it made it up I bout lost it I was so surprised. I didnt get any shots of it in action but heres the muddy uphill stairstep section with the Bronco sittin up top after just having made it.


Was a muddy climb


One of my favorite shots from the end of the day.


Thanks to Twisted Nuts for puttin together a NASTY little motor for the Bronco...it freakin flew on this one section


This happened AFTER all the abuse in the parking lot tryin to pop a wheely...whoops Not sure how long the leaf bracket was loose lol


BAD BRONCO!!! Put that away, theres women and children around!!!


Ive cleaned it up and put it mostly back together and look forward to hittin up the next pile of nasty rocks I can!!! Lovin this rig!

66sprint6 08-12-2011 11:51 AM

Not much of an update, but I noticed that the Bronco wouldnt track straight and was havin some issues with the rear wheels lining up with the fender openings so I got to investigating. Found that even tho the front links appeared to be identical in length, the front axle was in fact not straight. I tightened up the rod ends on the long side and got it square and moved to the rear. The rear was no off as well, prolly because I measured off the front axle when I was putting the leafs setup together. I drilled some new holes to mount the front leaf bracket and made for danged sure they were identical. This brought the wheelbase back to where it needs to be and everything seems to line up alot better now. Took it out to beat on it a bit and had a blast. I need to toss some shocks on the rear to help on inclines but otherwise she did everything I asked! Only got a couple pics with my phone cause it was gettin dark quick and I wanted to crawl all I could.

Doesnt flex well on the bench but out in the rough it does just fine. Im really happy now with the Chino Military springs and I just did the Chino mod to them altho it didnt do much for me.


VERY well balanced with the new weight added. Its far more forgiving and predictable!!! I still flopped it a couple times but nowhere near as often as before!



Slaughter 08-12-2011 09:27 PM

Great comment!


Originally Posted by 66sprint6 (Post 3220617)
BAD BRONCO!!! Put that away, theres women and children around!!!

808DA6 08-15-2011 07:32 AM

Great stuff. One question. Did you modify your inner beadlock ring at all? I just reduced a TSL, but I'm finding it impossible to set the bead on a RC4WD steel inner beadlock. Seems the ring is too small for the TSL bead. LOVE the way the tires look tho. I'm close to trying out some Voids, but they're a little pricey.


66sprint6 08-15-2011 08:50 AM


Originally Posted by 808DA6 (Post 3233081)
Great stuff. One question. Did you modify your inner beadlock ring at all? I just reduced a TSL, but I'm finding it impossible to set the bead on a RC4WD steel inner beadlock. Seems the ring is too small for the TSL bead. LOVE the way the tires look tho. I'm close to trying out some Voids, but they're a little pricey.


If you look close you will notice that the bead is NOT the TSL bead. It is actually a FlatIron bead turned inside out and glued in so that the FlatIron words are facing in (foam side) of the tire. In doin this, the FlatIron bead sits perfect in the inner ring and the rim pieces then grab it nicely. Ive never lost a bead and its stupid easy to mount up now.



808DA6 08-15-2011 10:00 AM

Wow! Yea. I see that now. That's a TON of work, no? Does the TSL overlap the FI bead or is it butt together and glued? The hardest part I can see is gluing the bead to where its centered within the TSL.

Many thanks!


66sprint6 08-15-2011 10:40 AM

Not a ton of work at all!!! Take a FI and cut the sidewall out. Cut the sidewall to where it opens like a "C". Turn it inside out and put it against the ring, cut it to where when you glue it back together itll fit inside the inner ring. Cut only the bead section of the TSL out. Cut the FI sidewall out to fit that area and glue with bluetop CA. Thats it...sounds hard but no harder that cutting and shutting the tire in the first place!!!

Ty@Tekin 08-17-2011 01:38 PM

Awesome Bronco, makes me want to work on mine again! I need to get my undertray painted and installed, guess I'll tackle that one of these nights now!

66sprint6 08-18-2011 08:44 AM

Its an awesome little rig, but I still have a TON of work to do lol. I just gotta quit bein lazy I guess and get on it. Ive been playin with some rear shock and anti-wrap bar setups lately, hope to have it pinned down shortly. Gonna beat the crap out of it this weekend I hope, see if she likes the new mods.

ser3100 08-18-2011 08:49 AM

Love this EB! So clean and simple.

66sprint6 08-19-2011 09:46 AM

I appreciate it!!! I would actually like to build one of these up similar to your jeep builds, low and aggressive but still run a 1.55 rim and slightly taller tire.

I got some work done on the rear shocks...not sure if I like it or not, but itll do till I test it out and see where to go from there. Ill post pics later, again, gonna crawl alot this weekend so Ill have plenty to update with then!

ser3100 08-19-2011 09:58 AM

With that body im pretty sure it would be no problem since you have no interior to work with. Also if you can pick up some rc4wd 90 dual rates and use those instead of the scx shocks. Alot shorter in length and more scale looking IMO. I wanna build and EB as well cause i always stare and gawk at them when i see them out on the real 1:1 trails.

66sprint6 08-19-2011 11:06 AM

Im actually usin some tiny MRC shocks that I borrowed off Jmel. I wanna run an interior one day so I tied them into a cross member. I need another SCX10 crossmember to complete the setup the way I want but for initial testing the way I have it will work. Im an EB fanatic as well but have never been able to snatch a real one up so I figured while I save up a bit Ill make a couple scalers lol. This is built nearly exactly how Ide like to have one, but 1:1 Ide rather stick to like 33's or 35's instead of 38s lol

66sprint6 08-20-2011 09:03 AM

Here are a couple shots of the experimental anti-wrap and rear shock setup. The antiwrap was done using some allthread I had layin around to make sure it would work before I bent up some steel rod.



The zipties are to stiffin up the allthread enough that I can tell this setup will work. When I do the final version I will prolly weld the two together into a "Y" and have them go to a shackle or slide thru a rod end like Ive seen on here a couple times.

The shock setup is super simple, just a couple tiny shocks mounted at a slight inward angle like the 1:1 guys like to do. I will eventually get another crossmember and mount them to it but for now this will do.




Im finishin up chargin my last battery then its off to the Creek for some bashing...hopefully Ill have some pics later today and tomorrow!

66sprint6 08-21-2011 06:32 PM

Beat the SNOT outta the Bronco this weekend!!!

Sat we hit up the creekbed in the dry which was a challenge Im not entirely used to with this rig

Wedged in pretty tight lol



A very heavy but thankfully short rain storm washed the creek out so we moved to the boulder field to play. I had my first custom tire blowout LOL. Not really, just a small tear on one of the seams which, combined with a soaked foam made the tire flat to the rim with any weight on it. Shortly after noticing this I came off a steep incline and went to turn around to try and climb back up it when I noticed I had no control.


WHOOPS lol, you can kinda see the flat tire on the front passenger side


My buddy's Honcho was nice enough to drag me back to the parking area lol


Just a busted stock steering knuckle. I swapped it with a left over from the CompCourier and was ready to hit the rocks again the next day!


I didnt have time to plug the 38" TSLs so I swapped to some 42" Mud Terrians lol. Dont like the looks of them but they got me around and did what I needed which was nice.


This time around the creek had dried out just enough to get into but it was certainly a test of the latest waterproofing mods.


That wasnt even the deepest section, one section I floated off course thanks to air trapped in the body lol and on the return trip she floated, tipped to the side letting all the air out and sank to the bottom. I thought I was gonna have to fish it out but it chugged along and then fought tooth and nail up the other side. Wish I had brought my camera but these pics will have to do until I see what my buddy got with his.
The TSLs will be repaired and back on the rig soon but I might have to play around with a set of taller tires for fun. I also think a snorkel might be a smart mod as well LOL


66sprint6 08-22-2011 10:07 AM

Buddy of mine got a couple more shots from this weekend that turned out really well!




I slipped off the side of this bridge enough that I couldnt get back on again...sooooooo...I held my breath, prayed the waterproofing was up to snuff and took the plunge


Needless to say, I am very confident that the Bronco is as waterproofed as I will ever be able to get it lol




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