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jccrawling 02-17-2017 06:59 AM

scx10 restoration project !!
Hey, everyone! I had only been in the RC hobby for nearly 2 years, my scx10 has been trailing with me pretty much “weekly” =P . After the last huge crawling event , I can feel my rig is tired, so I decided I have to do a full restoration to it.

Since it’s a big and meaningful project, I wanted to use high quality parts for it. So I went for a run to my local hobby shops. However there are not many special parts around, I decided goin’ to online stores instead. I stumble across this brand “ Sentinel” on RCMart.

Haven’t heard of Sentinel before but their parts look pretty damn good.
So I gave it a try and picked up some Beadlock rims from them.

So they seems very realistic and scale in person and it feels sturdy in hand.

According to the spec, it's made from 7075-T6 type Aluminium. I don’t know much about metal but after I did some research, 7075-T6 is an aerospace grade metal! Damn, that mean it would last longer than my life!
ASM Material Data Sheet
They look Bada55 =P

And i picked up some krt tire, for now.
Also, the restoration isn’t compelte yet, theres a lot more to come, Stay tuned!

jccrawling 02-21-2017 10:23 AM

Re: scx10 restoration project !!
i just update the broken IMG links , hope u guys could see it or at least leave a comment

Statenheimer 02-23-2017 06:39 PM

Re: scx10 restoration project !!
Never heard of Sentinel either, but they are pretty sharp looking!

jccrawling 03-30-2017 09:22 AM

Re: scx10 restoration project !!
Yea, it seems like a new brand .Not sure where its from .

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