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c0bra 06-28-2019 11:59 PM

C0braís cmax k10 long bed build
I finally got a cmax chassis!

The plan for this build is to use a rc4wd k5 body and chop it in half and use parts from Mod19rc on shapeways to convert it to a 13.9Ē wheel base truck. Then use the cmax chassis with leafs.

The axles are going to be rc4wd cast k44s as the axle drop is on the appropriate side, with 1.9 vanquish roost wheels and 1.55 pit bull tires.

This build will be kinda similar to my k10 build in the tf2 section but this will be based off the ultimate leaf cmax chassis. Instead of using the rc4wd v8, Iím planning on getting an exclusive rc motor. Either the 6.6 duramax or the 5.9 Cummins. Any thoughts?

Other notable parts already on the way are the left and right side mounted from gcm on shapeways with there rear bed mount. I also ordered the bowhouse tilt bed mount as well. Iíll be using a crawlmaster 16t motor with a brxl esc and this body will of course have leds.

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Ironhide13 06-29-2019 07:51 AM

Re: C0braís cmax k10 long bed build
I'll be watching this build closely. I've been planning for a similar one using the same frame and Mod19 parts for a LWB.

c0bra 07-03-2019 01:02 PM

Re: C0braís cmax k10 long bed build
I finally received all of the gcm and shapeways mounts for this as well as I picked up a savox sb-2290 servo and a vanquish 24mm servo horn.

I also decided on which Diesel engine to put in this thing and have placed the order along with some blazer door panels. Hopefully the engine fits!

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c0bra 08-08-2019 09:35 AM

Re: C0braís cmax k10 long bed build
I was able to get the transmission and transfer case assembled and everything went together really smooth thanks to the gcm YouTube videos. I was also able to get the exclusive rc Cummins motor shoved over the Holmes hobbies motor. Itís a little crooked but it should be good.

Iíve also assembled the cmax chassis and got the servo mount and front rc4wd leafs mounted in the same chassis in the same locations of the gcm k5. I would attach the front axle but there is a bind in the stock preassembled axle.

Iíve also chopped the body in half and got the 3d printed parts glued on and have started to do the body work on the bed.
Then I got the side body mounts attached to the chassis, the battery mount side will need to open the opposite direction but thatís no big deal. I set the cab on the chassis and WOW the truck looks amazing!

So then I sat the bed on the chassis and ran into a problem! I picked up the gcm and bow house rear body mounts for the k5 body and neither of them will work with the regular cmax chassis. I will need to chop the chassis and pick up the cmax extension rails as the chassis is about 2 inches to short! I also tried tamiya leafs only to find out they are the same length as rc4wd.

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c0bra 09-05-2019 09:43 AM

C0braís cmax k10 long bed build
With the gcm extended rails finally coming back in stock, I was able to order a set so I should hopefully be able to get the wheelbase situated soon as well as the cab and bed mounted.

I also ordered a set of the tiny shock mounts as I remember seeing in a thread somewhere that they are needed with running a cmax chassis with k44s

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c0bra 09-14-2019 04:28 PM

Re: C0braís cmax k10 long bed build
The frame extension and shock mounts finally came in, as well as the tires for this truck.

Wheels and tires will be 1.9 vanquish roost with 1.55 pit bull rock beasts.

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c0bra 09-16-2019 08:32 PM

Re: C0braís cmax k10 long bed build
Finally an actual update!

I checked the scale of this rig based off of the stock blazer body on a tf2 chassis and got a 1:9.425 scale. Then using that scale and the bed extension saying the wheelbase will be 13.9, it comes out to 131 inches long if this truck were to turn into a full size.

A 1:1 k10 and k20 long bed have a 131.5 inch wheelbase from the factory so that is pretty damn close!

Anyways I got the gcm chassis extension and decided that the best route would be to attach the bed mount at the very end of the chassis and set up the rear leaf suspension based off of that. Sorry didnít take any pics but Iím using tamiya leafs with an extra set of the gcm tiny shock mounts with the cmax shock mounts in the middle as a brace.

Then I drilled out the holes on the side of the electronics trays on the front of the chassis and for now attached the body fully to the trays so it wouldnít move around.

Then using 2 long m3 screws I was able to attach the 2 sections of the chassis enough to get an idea of where I needed to cut. After that came the nerve racking part!


After that I put the extension mounts onto the original chassis and mounted the extension pieces to it. Then of course I had to see how bad I screwed up


And success! It fits together like I knew what I was doing! Except underneath were thereís a small gap between the chassis sections but nobody will ever see that

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c0bra 12-25-2019 08:06 PM

Re: C0braís cmax k10 long bed build

Sheís finally sitting on 4 wheels! Plus most of the body work is finished, just needs finish sanded before paint.

The wheels are 1.9 vanquish roost with 1.55 pitbull rock beasts stretched over them. In order for the tires to clear I had to add a 12mm lift to the suspension between the leaf and axle which scales out to about a 6 inch lift. Itís not the best way of doing it so hopefully it will work.

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