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Default Fis

I've been messing with the Idea of a Full independent 1.9 crawler. I did a search didn't see anything. Post up pics of your FIS 1.9 rig, or lets start a discussion about what would be required to make a good one. I was thinking maybe the Tekno EB410 as a starting point.
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Default Re: Fis

Rich from the RC Network made a Tekno EB410 into a U4/rock racer, a bit different to what you're after but it shows what can be done with a buggy chassis.

jonnywatcher made a Front independent rig recently
1st gen Durango IFS TRUE SCALE (you're going to want to see this)

You tend not to see fully independent suspension on crawlers as its not regarded as the most functional. That said I dont think you shouldn't bin this idea because of that, it would be a cool project.

Width looks to be fairly close to a typical crawler though the wheelbase may make finding a body a bit more tricky at roughly 11 1/2" unless you go for a truggy or something.

I'm guessing you'd want a crawler tranny or a planetary gearbox to slow it down to crawler speeds.

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Default Re: Fis

With 1.9" tires, the EB410 will drag its belly a lot - which is why most IFS rock racers I've seen have used 2.2".

DMG (Death Metal Garage) has made kits for the Axial Bomber, probably the best functioning FIS crawlers out there - search for DMG B2B.

You could use 1.9" Proline XL Super Swampers or Boggers and do alright, I suppose - as they are pretty damn tall.

I have an Associated DB8 Nomad, they've raced those in U4 as well, but it would suck as a crawler - its belly drags everywhere
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Default Re: Fis

I have a DB48 and love it for bashing and U4, but it is massive compared to most 1/10 scale crawlers. The fact that there is no 1.9 FIS rigs is what makes me want to do it, but I’m thinking is it even practical. I was worried about it dragging and not being able to get enough down travel, thought maybe narrowing and lengthening the cassis might help clearance some. I was thinking the axial rtr or sender for transmission, and a tube chassis as the body. I saw the DMG bomber and that might have to be my starting point. Just keep the skid and build a chassis around it and add 1.9’s
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Default Re: Fis

There are, were a few builds on here. Some used HPIs rs4 parts, or some slash 4x4 stuff, and some others did sime other shiz
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Default Re: Fis

I too have wanted to attempt this. My initial thoughts are you would want to build a chassis with a narrow central spar, to house the drive shafts then have boat sides up to your body.

It would need a wheelbase of about 11.5"

For F/R suspension, I would look at Twin Hammers on both ends. Strong, scale looking, 12mm hex. I would then do the B5M arm and slash ultimate shaft upgrade (see my brocky build)
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Default Re: Fis

From what I've seen in trying to make FIS rigs out of existing platforms they all have the similar problems:

1. Chassis too wide
2. Poor steering
3. Low clearance a-arms
4. Very wide even with positive offset wheels / have to run shortcourse wheels (depending on platform)

So if you could fix those then you might have something going. The DMG B2B is cool but requires a lot of $$$ to get off the ground + relies on Exo parts. The Traxxas Summit LT conversion is most interesting to me because of the durability + locking diffs, but still has that huge chassis and not so great steering. I think with Traxxas R&D you could have a Summit 2.0 that just improved upon everything the Summit LT conversion tries to do.
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Default Re: Fis

All really great points, I leaning more and more towards its not a viable option that would actually get used. I think I could make it as a show piece but nothing functional, i guess this is why all the current ones are 2.2 based, you need that arm length and tire height.
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