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Thread: FJ45 TRX4 x VS410 Mutant

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Default FJ45 TRX4 x VS410 Mutant

Recently had a different build on a vs410 chassis and really liked how it handled so picked up another vs410 chassis to replace the stock TRX 4 chassis on my trail truck.

I really like the TRX 4 axles for trailing with the selectable diffs and all but the stock chassis was heavy and I don't really find my self using the 2 speed too much.

The final wheelbase is still up in the air since I'm running a cab only so it won't matter as much. Currently it's sitting at 13", it seem to work well so far for the terrain I run in.

The pan hard mount has been spaced further outwards so the steering and pan hard link are closer in length allowing for minimal bump steer

Parts list:

VS410 chassis kit

TRX4 front and rear axles (w/ selectable diffs)

GRC V2 knuckles + portal boxes + brass weights

GRC aluminum diff cover (F & R)

Front lift kit shifter cable (front)

Front Standard shifter cable (rear),

Vanquish 3 geared transmission

Vanquish hurtz dig V2

Mip TRX4 12.3 bronco rear center drive shaft (front)

Mip TRX4 12.8 defender rear center drive shaft (rear)

Gmade RSD shocks 100mm (F & R w/ pen spring mod) w/ MST CMX medium springs.

Homemade stainless links (10 in total with a mixture of 1/4" & 3/16")

Mamba X

Holmes Hobbies Puller Pro V2 Standard 2700kv

DSpower 32kg brushless servo (steering)

2x JX micro TRX 4 shifter servos (F+R diff)

Spt 12kg low profile servo (dig)

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Default Re: FJ45 TRX4 x VS410 Mutant

For the body I trimmed down the fenders slightly and cut off the side step which allowed me to lower the body a bit further.

I decided to do some simple cage work in the back to finish it off. This also acted as the rear body mounts and shock mount since the original shock mounts didn't really fit offered no adjustability. The cage is made of a mixture of 3/16", 5/32", and 1/8" solid stainless rod and some 0.8mm stainless sheet. Ideally I would have preferred to use tube so it could be lighter but I didn't have it on hand. The spot weld are plenty strong but it doesn't look as good unfortunately, would like to work with a tig some day.

The front bumper + brush bar was made of 1/8" stainless plate and some 3/16" rod, this part I did have to stick weld together it was pretty messy, but it cleaned up with an angle grinder just fine.

All the cage work and bumpers are just bolted on btw, so if changing it down the line is pretty simple and straight forward.

The bit where the cage mounts to the body was also reinforced with some 0.8mm sheet to stop the lexan from ripping.

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Default Re: FJ45 TRX4 x VS410 Mutant

That's nice! Where did you get the FJ45 body from? It looks like maybe an MST.
I would like to see your finished product. Is it posted somewhere? Thx.
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