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monkeyracer 03-27-2013 08:03 AM

Project BBAMFT - IFS Wraith 4WS + Dig
A few years ago, I was inspired by Harley's Ultra 4400 build to make something Bad Ass. At the time, my skill level in building wasn't really anywhere near that level, but I had two builds that inspired what components eventually went into this build: RS4 MT2SC for the IFS, and Widebody Chevy Crew Cab for the rear solid axle. At the time, there was no wraith, so the wheely king axle made sense for the width I was looking for. Now with the wraith axle, it just makes more sense and looks a lot better than the WK axle.
Since my skill level wasn't quite there yet, I put the project on the back-burner, and a little while later tried my hand at brazing with Project Rampage. I intended to use the chassis from that build for this project, but I found a pretty good deal on a wraith chassis, and decided to use that. There will still be some brazing, but minimal to keep simplicity.

The intention with the build is to make something pretty bad ass on a budget. IFS with solid rear, 4WS for turning radius, and dig for crawling ability; something that is capable and cool, and hopefully a little different than everything else you see.

Enter project BBAMFT - Big Bad A$$ Mother Funking Truck:


Gotta start with the articulation shot right?

To begin, I built the cage, and put the rear axle on with my custom links (donated from project rampage) and started mocking up placement of the IFS:





Wheelbase and stance looked pretty good, so I started mounting it all up. For the diff case, I cut down an RS4 Evo 3+ rear shock tower and used a delrin link to tie into the wraith cage in front of the shock mounts. For the skid plate, I cut down the RS4 Evo chassis and used two holes normally for mounting the transmission, and just drilled through the wraith skid plate. Everything is solid and secure:




If you look closely in the above pic, you can see the white delrin link to mount the diff case.

For the skid, here's a shot to show how that mounts:


A lot of people pass on the IFS stuff because they are afraid they will lose articulation, but I think it will be just fine:


Another drawback to IFS is that a lot of times steering is limited, so 4WS gets the job done:


Compared side by side to my project Bruce Banner wraith build:


Same wheelbase as the wraith:


Future plans:

- I need to finish the front end (waiting on the front pieces that the seller forgot to ship with the cage)
- Swap out the wheel hubs to narrow it up a little (Overdrive wheels come with different offset hubs, the pics above show the furthest offset)
- Make some body panels (Have some beat up DC Rubi panels for now)
- Mod the cage (as soon as CFM gets a set of customizer upper cage tubes in stock)
- Mount the trans and electronics
- Find/make an interior
- Go drive it!

monkeyracer 05-30-2013 10:21 PM

Re: Project BBAMFT - IFS Wraith 4WS + Dig
Minor Update:

This isn't dead yet! Project Bruce Banner went on the chopping block and donated all the gamma radiated green aluminum parts for this build, and I am getting the front end better figured out. Still messing with the shock location and geometry to allow for steering and good shock rates. Looks like I'll have to fabricate a mount to attach the shocks to the suspension arms, but otherwise, it's getting there.






Originally Posted by monkeyracer (Post 4248932)
Future plans:

- I need to finish the front end Now only need to figure out the shock location and some sort of skid plate
- Swap out the wheel hubs to narrow it up a little done
- Make some body panels (Have some beat up DC Rubi panels for now) still leaning towards Rubi panels, but will likely start fresh with new panels
- Mod the cage (as soon as CFM gets a set of customizer upper cage tubes in stock) Looks like I'll never get this from Clay, so I'll fab my own pieces, but that will be near the end of the summer before I will have time to get any metal work done
- Mount the trans and electronics trans mounted, need to mount electronics still
- Find/make an interior still considering options
- Go drive it!

offroadace 05-31-2013 09:33 AM

Re: Project BBAMFT - IFS Wraith 4WS + Dig
That is killer!
Really dig the IFS integration!

monkeyracer 05-31-2013 10:00 AM

Re: Project BBAMFT - IFS Wraith 4WS + Dig

Originally Posted by offroadace (Post 4344299)
That is killer!
Really dig the IFS integration!

Thanks! I like the fact that it's not a Wrexo. I like them, but the front is significantly wider than the wraith axle, and harder to fit 2.2's compared to using the MT2 stuff.

monkeyracer 06-01-2013 02:37 PM

Re: Project BBAMFT - IFS Wraith 4WS + Dig
Getting the front suspension figured out:


Much better now. I moved the springs to the front, and made a little piece to mount to the suspension arm in the same way that the HPI RS4 MT had the shocks mounted. If they were still on the back side of the arm, the shocks would get in the way of the steering links, so it's a better option in front.


I mounted the top of the shock to the chassis, but I don't fully like this since it's not as solid as I would want. I will probably fabricate something for this soon.

Here's a closeup of the lower shock mount:


Basically just a simple piece, but puts the mount as far outward as possible. This moves the leverage point out, making the shocks more effective.

And the pic that I like the most from this update:


The stance. It is now exactly what I had in mind when I started this.

I've got quite a bit more to do, but this was a big piece that was preventing me from moving forward on other work, so I am glad it's checked off the list.

More soon...

monkeyracer 08-14-2014 04:11 PM

Re: Project BBAMFT - IFS Wraith 4WS + Dig
This isn't dead!

With the announcement of the Yeti, I was starting to get a little jealous, and started planning on what to sell to get one, then I realized I had this just sitting, waiting to be finished. So, with some Voodoo Silver compound U4's from the pre-order, I decided to get it finished up.

There's still more work to be done, but I'm closer than I have ever been with this thing.




* Keep rear steer (need to make steering links, find and mount servo)
* Ditch dig (I have one, but don't want to mess with it right now...)
* Hatchback mod - I have all the parts from when I did the Wringo, including the custom rear light bar, so this is just a matter of cutting the chassis and installing the parts.)
* Hinged hood (that's why the hood is not in the pics. Working on the hinge set-up so I can get to the battery.)
* Servo winch (Need to make a mount for it)
* 2.2 Raceline Monsters - Better clearance on the backside of the wheel, better quality and better look. (These wheels are actually really good, they just aren't designed for independent suspension.)
* Make a front skid plate to protect the winch and mount the fairlead.

Of course I still need to mount the transmission, interior and electronics, but hopefully I'll have something fun enough that I won't want a Yeti anymore.

Stay tuned! (I promise I'll update quicker than the last time... :oops: )

crawl-o-matic 08-15-2014 06:58 AM

Re: Project BBAMFT - IFS Wraith 4WS + Dig

monkeyracer 08-22-2014 02:11 PM

Re: Project BBAMFT - IFS Wraith 4WS + Dig
Got a little work done between classes today, and snapped some quick cell pics:





I got the hatchback mod done. Using some parts from the 1.9 Wringo I was building. 3D printed light bar fits in between the links, and the roof helps hold it in place. I still need to finish cleaning up the chassis from where I cut the back of the cage off though.

Hood hinge done. I just used some extra light bar holders that I had lying around. Just need to get something to hold it closed figured out... will probably just use some cut down body posts.

New wheels in and on. These are nice, clear the knuckles, etc, but my only gripe is with the tool they give you for the scale bolts. It's not all that easy to use, but it worked. No idea yet about if I want to sipe the tires, but I want to break them in first and see how they do, and go from there.

Mounted the transmission, but forgot I need a longer rear driveshaft (or to get a wraith transmission with the extended output...)
I am highly considering upgrading to 32P steel gears soon, just in case.

Still have lots more to do, but it is getting there...

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