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Tommy R 05-12-2019 04:06 PM

Tommy R's Bomber Build
Hey y'all,

I've been out of the crawler game for a long time. A couple years ago I got my D110 running, but sadly most everyone here in Austin is running unrealistically performing lexan rigs that aren't all that scale, IMO. So it's been collecting dust. Well, I've always been intrigued by the Bomber and a month or two ago I finally picked one up used. This will give me something to use for running with the locals and on top of that, it looks like there's some sort of rock racing series starting up in central Texas!

The rig I got has a ton of upgraded parts from Vanquish, GMade Zero shocks, Mamba X, Tekin 2300kv, etc. Here's a pic of it as I received it:

I ordered some aluminum body panels (hate Lexan) and I started going through some of the mechanicals.....fixed some steering issues, replacing/adding hardware, etc.

The Scorpio tires from JConcepts may be good and the same could be said for the RC4WD wheels they're on, but they're not for me. In comes come Ottsix Voodoo U4 tires (gold compound) and some C.I. Double Deuce foams (6", comp cut, med outers for the front, firm for the rear).

Oh, and I needed some Vanquish wheels to match the style of the wheels on my real Jeep. Locked Up RC scale hardware, of course!


Over the last week I've decided to get the rig ready to run. Got the ESC setup, mounted the new wheels/tires, sorted out the wiring, and did some detail work. I also applied some black vinyl to the servo since it's so visible being on the front axle.


Learning to work around that dang plastic cage was challenging.


This morning I got to drive it around a bit on 3s. Holy smokes, it's quick. I quickly learned that I'll need two separate profiles on the ESC:
1) One for low speed crawling
2) One for high speed

The reason for the change ties to the brake and drag brake. Granted I can control the drag brake via the transmitter, but even turned down a lot....if I touch the brakes on the transmitter, it goes into reverse and endos. So I think the big difference will be Setting 1 will have crawler reverse, but Setting 2 will have a reverse delay of some sort.

Anyway, here's a couple pics as it sits. Soon, I'll do some paint and decal work on the body panels to give it more of a racy Ultra 4 feel.




Strgazr27 08-08-2019 01:34 AM

Re: Tommy R's Bomber Build
Nice looking build "thumbsup"

Tommy R 08-08-2019 10:07 AM

Re: Tommy R's Bomber Build
Thanks! Here's some pics after some more detail work. They're a little outdated now, but it's the most recent I've got for now....



I also picked up some Pro-Line Power Strokes and their spring assortment for it. I'll also be painting a new Lexan body for it when my new wheels come in. Rock racing and hill climbs are a blast! I participated in an event a couple months back in San Antonio. It included 3 or 4 hill climbs and a U4 race. I won 2 of the hill climbs and was the fastest U4, but my power switch got turned off in the race so I ended up 2nd or 3rd. It was a ton of fun, though, and I can't wait to be able to attend another one.

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