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Thread: Another AX10 build - but it's not a crawler... ;) (warn-pic heavy)

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Default Another AX10 build - but it's not a crawler... ;) (warn-pic heavy)

Hi all. I'm new to crawling, and because of this build, I'm probably going to be doing an all out crawler next year. but this project was more off road beater.

Now to convert this I'd need a different spur/pinion, motor, servo and battery placement - so it's not too different.

This is built on a reign rc K2-3S chassis. Reason I'm posting it here is because with the axial transmission, posts and axles, it's more AX10 than anything else...

The transmission is using an associated touring 32 pitch car spur - it's a direct fit. This lets me drop the teeth from a crawling 87t gear to a more zippy 54t. The motor is an ammo 3900kv motor using a 5mm shaft. 18t pinion is from rcmonster.

You can also see the Traxxas yoke and driveshaft (search function here worked well enough for me to find what people here seem to nitpick on the ax10 and what replacements they used - YAY)

Axles are using Wheely king differentials. As it's not a crawler, the differential is welcome - useful to know if planning on using the axial axle for something else - TBH I dunno if scale rigs are usually made with diffs actually.

It's a great set of parts begging to be used in completely custom vehicles. The gear change on the tranny alone would let you use that on say, homemade 2wd buggies to anything else you'd like to try.

Steering I came up with gives a bit of ackerman on turns and no toe on straights. Unlike crawlers here, It's using a saver. running into a tree at 30mph isn't usually forgiving.

Trivial but possibly useful - K2-3 owners - the RC18 series body mounts fit the chassis perfectly, no drilling required if you're using the crossbar towards the center of the chassis. It's short enough that there's no worry of damage on the K2-3S.

otherwise - improvise ;) I didn't have the heart to add more holes to the chassis.

For Shocks I went Duratrax evader bx. It's fine for the purposes.

For electronics, I "salvaged" my airtronics MX3 fhss from the RC18T, and picked up a not so shiny CC sidewinder.

Here's the rest of the pics - cause well, why else are you reading a build thread

Even for a beater, the battery is just too high. Rollovers are a just a bit too easy. I've got 4 A123's on the way which will be mounted a bit lower than the current 6 cell (and hopefully look a lot neater too ). Still a blast in the park

I'll update once that happens. I know It's not a crawler, but it's mostly ax10. Mods, sorry if this is the wrong forum, move if necessary.

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If you remember the early 90's TA came out with the stealth transmission. The axials transmission is almost identical to the ones i had on my rc10 buggy and rc10 truck. Thats probably why your TA gears fit on it.

Also the slipper clutch came with the stealth transimission.
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Don't come back unless you bring videos! lol
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Originally Posted by Testykalz View Post
Don't come back unless you bring videos! lol
Going to have to ;)
Went back to the park with a fresh charge and 48t spur instead of 54. Still more torque than needed for the purpose, but flipped easy. I did find that by switching to forwards and back, I can rock the car more and more until it flips back onto it's wheels - YAY baja bug shape. Can't wait for 3s2p a123.

Crawling looks like fun - This isn't a crawler, but it will give most a run on loose dirt/gravel hills - I'm gonna have to get a video of this one ;) Blasted thing just rabbited up a 60 incline ignoring the dirt and gravel being spat out under it's tires.

I'm damn impressed with the punishment the tranny and diffs are taking. Right now the only thing that looks scuffed is the body (der) and rims (I didn't go with beadlocks, i'm cheap :()
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