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Thread: Waterproof bearings?

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Default Waterproof bearings?

just replaced a broken steering knuckle and noticed that the larger inside bearing was nearly frozen from all the time playing in and around the creek. I blasted it out and reoiled it, but the damage is done, I will have to replace all of those soon enough. Anyone know of anyway to waterproof these? I was thinking of covering the outside edges with bearing grease, but then it would attract grit and dirt. Anything else?
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I don`t think there is any feasible way to waterproof them. If I played in water I think I would consider bearings as consumable items, just like on a 1:1 rig that sees alot of water. You could get an RPM bearing blaster and use it regularly to prolong the life. Personally I don`t like bearings made like the 10x15`s at all , would have been better to use a 8x16 there I think . I`ve put five or six packs on my truck , it hasn`t been in any water eigther and have had two of those bearings crap out already , just really isn`t enough bearing surface in those things, kind of like compareing 5x8 and 5x10 clutch bell bearings. I`m going to replace all the bearings soon with Avid Revolutions , so maybe a quality bearing will last longer . Sorry I wasn`t much help.

Here are links to the bearing blaster and avids if youre interested.

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You can get dual rubber sealed, but they won't be "waterproof". There are also ceramic bearings....IF you don't mind paying a fortune for them. Ceramic won't rust

I buy all my bearings from Avid. $1 a bearing for rubber sealed is cheap IMO. Whenever I need some I usually just buy 20 or 30 at a time so I have them.
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If you are planning to run through mud and water quite a bit, bushings are best.
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in the military we use a lubricant called XF-7 for our guns and equipment. its amazing and i fill my axles and squirt it on the bearings inside and out with it. it comes in a large syringe so its easy to apply... never a problem from the bearings. i also apply a light coat to the outside of electronics as a water reppellant. it protects against fresh and salt water. which is good since i live at the beach...
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does the XF-7 work as good as packing your electronics with dielectric grease? oh and where do i find this XF-7
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yup Avid is the best deal going, cant beat a $1 a bearing but if you want to be adventurous you could pull your seals, boil some Vaseline (yes Vaseline jelly) and let your bearings sit in it while it cools and hardens.

wont waterproof them but will help make them more water resistant. use to do this with skateboard bearings. gets messy though after a while.
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Find a local bearing distributor and see if they can order some stainless steel sealed bearings in the sizes needed. Thatís what I did for an rc boat that had a bearing in the jet pump that kept seizing up on me. No more problems now but it was about 3x the cost of the carbon steel bearing.

General note: you can get most bearing from a bearing distributor for a fraction of the cost of the LHS
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try these guys. i use them for my shimano bearings. a whole lot cheaper than buying from the repair shop.

one is for the company and the second one is for the AX10 listings.


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Default Re: Waterproof bearings?

I know this is a super old thread but I am trying my own method. Soaking bearings in corrosion x for a couple days. Beats pulling the dust seals and packing each bearing with marine grease. I am still going to use a generous coating of marine grease where needed.
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