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minor_threat 06-23-2009 06:43 PM

my custom chassis build up

I missed the lexan bodies and painting them so I made a chassis that works, built that up with mostly stock items and then painted out the dodge power wagon body. I used stampede rear shocks which aren't the best but they're short so I like them. I'll add some action shots later.

JeremyH 06-23-2009 08:14 PM

That turned out nicely! Got any action shots????

badnuz 06-23-2009 09:46 PM

dude that is a wicked chasis
i wont it lol"thumbsup"

minor_threat 06-24-2009 02:17 AM

I'll get some action shots tomorrow. tonight i crawled and it handled everything it was thrown. just forgot the camera. The rovers are a bit worn so that's next on the list, besides figuring what font to use to etch the name into the chassis...Thnx for the props!

otis683 06-24-2009 10:56 PM

i love the look of that chassis. and the colors of the body is soooo sick looking.
i cant wait to get mine ;)

austexjg 06-25-2009 11:58 AM

Looks good - all around nice work.

monkeyracer 06-25-2009 02:41 PM

Back to a lexan body?

Did you see my Karnage chassis? it basically solves all the issues the SPV2 and my Chameleon chassis had with link and suspension mounting.

I don't have any issues with a body getting caught up on a rock, the suspension is mounted perfectly, no rub from the tires.

Otherwise I do like your chassis, it's similar to a few out there, but there are so many chassis that that's hard NOT to do.

minor_threat 06-26-2009 10:43 PM

Monkey, no, i didn't see your karnage. the Haug bodiless is still in production and even though it's great for articulation etc, I missed painting bodies. the haug chassis never had issues with tires rubbing or shocks touching like with those by stampede project or yours but again, I love painting bodies.

Here are some photos of a series I crawled tonight. I took a ton of the course I have laid out but these were in series so I thought I'd post these first. Now i just have to get a gold star.







I've got a few that show the articulation etc but I won't be editing tonight. Netflix finally got my Mall Cop here, Yes!!!

I love the Grinders from Mayhem. Best beads I've seen. The Rovers are awesome for the places I crawl but I'm not at all a fan of the 2 stage pro-line foams as I do a lot of side hilling and the foam seems to slip inside and my ties become sort of conical after a short bit. the tekin's working great, I would like to go lipo but for now, i'm cool with nihm saddles. I am getting the RC4WD tranny w/o dig and plan to make another tranny plate for that one. For the axial tranny, I have cut my own plate, 3/8" thick and have an overhang of 1/8" to go under the chassis. the lowers are in about 3/4" from the outside and I have the tranny mounting about 1/8" more forward compared to stock but I drilled the holes a bit tight so I've got a 5mm that will fix that.

The chassis did show issues with the dna dig so the plate will be made to also slide the stock tranny over about 1/8" or less to the motor side. I plan to use on a later rig with the chassis the RC4WD tranny-dig and that's pretty much tucked out of the way and inline with the tranny it self. I don't know if i'll be narrowing the plate to fit the tranny as I like wider chassis's since I cut corners kind of tight (no dig) and feel a narrow chassis would prohibit that fun.

well, that's it.

One from a morning crawl. Both have the marauder as it's penned for now. It handles great and with all the basic holes where I want them, I'm stoked about my chassis. sure beats drilling holes or settling for someone else ideas.



more photos later.

otis683 06-26-2009 11:48 PM

chassis's are amazing
ill have to get that lower link strat and rele crawl and fixed the dig so it wont slip.
cant wait to get and paint up that new body. i have all the paint and paint booth ready.
today was some good crawlin

TSK 06-27-2009 12:19 AM

How did you get that flat ginish on the paint? Paint it on the outside?

Stormin2u 06-27-2009 07:03 AM

Who's PW body is that?

minor_threat 06-28-2009 05:39 AM


Originally Posted by TheSCorpionKing (Post 1866020)
How did you get that flat ginish on the paint? Paint it on the outside?

yeah, the idea is to paint the underside a rust or metal color, the outside, a primer, a few layers of one color then a few of the top coat.

minor_threat 06-29-2009 01:41 AM

I made a new tranny plate today. My aim was to mount the tranny to teh motor side more to make room for the dna dig that one of our team memebers is using but some how got it all flipped about after a long and hot day in the garage ( 106 inside there) and learned my leason, LOL. Never work in the heat.

on this one, the one i'll keep the tranny is mounted bringing the tranny more the the gear side, up close to the chassis; which is good, the motor is now more centered...wth...and in doing so, i mounted the tranny to a stock positon and lowered the body a bit more; about a 1/4" so it's even lower on the chassis.






I cut the plate a little out of step so as you can see, it doesn't clear the bottom edge of the chassis like i wanted so I'll redo that later this week. the goal is like with the other chassis. to have the plate overhand the bottom edge enough to hide. I plan to make the rest of the plates out of lubricated plastic and use the cnc to do it, this is just a beta of what's coming.

I have also planned to buidl body mounts that will utilize velcro instead of holes/pins which imo makes more sense. no drilling of holes and no posts to get hung up on. post that later.

minor_threat 06-29-2009 01:57 AM

More action shots | Pre-new tranny plate and lowered body...






medina619 06-29-2009 01:37 PM

nice rig"thumbsup"

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