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Thread: Nerve's Underground Crawlers Fastback

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Photos ...

Overhead view of short rear shaft

Long shaft fully compressed. Even when I had my lower links on, there wasn't enough room for the dig to move rearwards.

Also I haven't drilled out the skid plate yet, I want to make sure my placement is proper and any issues are worked out before I cut.

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Originally Posted by DickyT View Post
Just under2.5" the same as all F-4, FF-4, and Fastback. They all use the same skid, making Juan's life a bit easier on the manufacturing side
Thank you sir I'm liking the width, which chassis comes with the fastback Dicky?
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the fastback is a direct build u of a bodyless ff4.....so same geometry nose to tail......if you cut a few things and a few other details you can make a fastback out of a ff4....just add the top
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Default Re: Nerve's Underground Crawlers Fastback

Wow, almost 7 years later, I finally decided to update this build thread with some progress.

I ended up not building this up as originally seen in the previous page and decided to rebuild my Wheely King crawler instead as I really liked that setup and would have a bunch of unused spare crawler parts. My Wheely King build thread is below and I have updated some info on the progress on that one as I have finally finished building it also.

My WK build thread

As for this one, I have been slowly purchasing parts for this build that I wanted to use for it (new shocks, transmission, dig parts, servo) and left them in my storage bin until I actually wanted to sit down to work on them. The crawling club I used to be a part of folded years ago (2011?) and haven't really had a desire to build as I wasn't out competing against others. But for some reason I still keep buying parts for something I have no real plan to use.... This past week I finally got the itch to finally build these 2 crawlers and have something that is usable versus something that is in parts.

A majority of my parts listing has been updated on Page 1 of this thread.

Here are the updated photos from yesterday :

Transmission and Wraith dig parts. I'm missing a few bearings from the transmission to complete the build. Once I pick those up, ill be able to finish and install it. I noticed the Wraith had a dig unit and years ago I purchased the 2 kits with the spare parts for them. I figured I'd give this a try over my DNA dig.

Found an easy way to build up the shocks. Cut a small hole in the top of an egg carton and build away. I kept the same weights as mentioned on page 1

Shocks mounted, delrin link rods completed and installed. The chassis is loosely connected as I'm still checking angles and rod positions etc and want to see which setup works out better.

This photo shows the servo and link placement I have used for now. I have 2 separate screws & nuts on other side of the axle link mount to mount the shocks and lower links. I would need a spacer and a longer screw to make this idea work out properly.

Overhead view of the chassis. Sits at 12.5"

Rear lower links mounted into the VP Razors and the shocks are mounted to the top of the razors.

For this photo, I wanted to show that I had used the Axial "stock" bent rod ends to give my shocks a bit different of a mounting point and angle. I'm not sure right now if this is effective, but it seems to be doing ok right now.

Another view of how I have my front links mounted

.. and the rear

Because why not attach some vintage Proline Moabs for mock up!

So that is my 7 year update. Now I have a bunch of parts on the go, I'll be getting the tranny finished up and installed and then figure out an ESC and Dig servo choice and finish painting the panels.

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Default Re: Nerve's Underground Crawlers Fastback

Adding some more photos to my archive on here. Last updated this thread in March 2017 and once again, slowly worked on it from 2017 to today. Never really gave much time to my hobbies as I don't run with anyone or any clubs.

My final specs :
- UGC Fastback chassis
- Stock AX10 axles
- Losi shocks
- HS-7954SH steering servo
- Holmes Hobbies Torque Master 35T, 6 degree
- Hobbywing QuicRun WP Crawler ESC (one of which I fried in a few minutes testing some settings out)
- Wraith DIG
- HS-5245MG as DIG servo
- VP Razors for rear shock mounts
- Axial BTA steering kit
- MIP Shafts
- outdated 8 Cell NIMH battery pack

Not that I will ever compete. But, it was nice to finally get this to a point that it's "done". Never know, I might see about 2019 if there is something in Ontario and I take my time away from my cottage.

Some photos:

Here is what happens when the capacitor pops on the QuicRun. Side note, I was dealing with RcMart on the warranty on the unit and even though it took about 2 months, I finally got a replacement unit. Just make sure you keep your serial / model number and the package nearby for warranty concerns. If you look at the final position of the ESC, I put the replacement into the exact same spot. Which is why the ESC venting sideways across the transmission.

Look closely at the cap. The top burst out

As it looks today after some paint (had to keep my colour theme similar with my WK body).

Velcro and a flat spot on the DIG servo gave a good spot to mount the on/off switch. Much nicer versus my old Mamba Max on my WK Crawler.

The tires / rims are DNA Snipers with HB Rovers and Chisels.

Thanks for taking a look over it.

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Default Re: Nerve's Underground Crawlers Fastback

its good to see somebody jump back in the hobby! its a clean and simple build for sure. id also like to note, you might want to take a look at some traxxas cap head screws for your front lower links/ shock mounts on the front axle. 40mm might be long enough for you. I just picked up 2 packages the other day for one of my builds. I think 6 come in a package.
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Default Re: Nerve's Underground Crawlers Fastback

Do you have to make custom links in order to use this chassis or can you use upgraded aluminium bent links
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Default Re: Nerve's Underground Crawlers Fastback

Originally Posted by sharkboy910 View Post
Do you have to make custom links in order to use this chassis or can you use upgraded aluminium bent links

I ended up using some white delrin rod, tapping for the threaded rod and then attaching some Traxxas links I have in my stock. I don't recall if I put the lengths into the first post. But, the offset is a 60/40 ratio.

I would say custom links or DIY links would be your better route to go. I think the upgraded bent links aren't the proper length to work. I do believe I tried them out to "see". But, they didn't. Delrin rod is very inexpensive and it's fun to make them on your own. I don't recall the name of them, but I think the user was JeepinDoug that had some metal link caps where you could drill a straight hole into the delrin rod. You would have to do some searching to see if they are even still available. I know I have had them for several years.
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