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Thread: vp zero ackerman, terrible!!!!!!

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so this is what me and my buddy came up with . took a piece of delrin plate and cut a link out of it, shaved the front side to a 45 ish degree angle and then drilled a hole for the servo linkage to connect to the steering link. so i got rid of the double stacked ball joints no rubbing, i can see those stock rims might not make it back on the rig again, the DNA have a little more spacing. these are the skinny tires so it looks better, but when the sedonas/rovers are on its going to be alot closer. might still get a wider hex nut just in case.

thanks again.

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Originally Posted by bubbaskyjacker View Post
:flip off:: flipoff: Y every one is a noob at some point. im sure you dont know everything. well according to your comment you probably THINK your are an expert in all fields. but yes i will ask next time. just was fired up because it took almost 2 weeks to arrive because the place i purchased them from was lacking on there service.
No. I don't think that I'm an expert on everything. I have however built quite a few crawlers, so I do have some usefull knowledge. I do occasionally need help too, but I know enough to ask for help in a manner that doesn't attack people or reputable vendors. In five years here, I've seen alot of people come and go. I've seen people start as you have but learn their lesson and become productive forum members. I've also seen people continue to act like douches and they typically don't last long.

That said, it looks like you've found a pretty nice solution to your problem. Nicely done. You'll find in this niche of the hobby that you're required to do more custom fab than most any other type of RC.
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Glad to see you kept them. Nice job on the tie rod
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Nice work on the tierod setup glad to see you got it figured out.
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And you said the delrin I have is not the right kind.... Next time we need to counter sink the tie rod a little so the nut/bolt wont stick out the bottom.
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looks good
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X2 glad to see you figured it out, looks good got any updates ?
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