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rockwha? 12-07-2010 08:03 PM

Li Po batt question??? Again.....
Sorry to ask. I searched and couldnt find a solid answer. I have a rooster esc and a turnigy, i think, 55t motor. What Li Po c rating should i look for? Im a pretty conservative driver, i think anways, so spike in amp draw wont be to often. I have searched and read several threads and outside sites on Li Po's batteries. Just lookin for a specific on this cuz i know others are runnin the same set up. Also what kind of run times are you getting? thanks!!

Badmuthatrucker 12-07-2010 09:24 PM

Can't help you with run time. For me, if run time is equal to 10 gates it's good enough :ror: Seriously, run time varies from individual truck to truck, pack to pack, run to run, no one can tell you how long your truck will run for.

However, you can never have enough C rating. It's like the CCA (cold cranking amps) rating on a car battery. You will require punch for some lines, no matter how conservative you are, so don't hold out on yourself.

C rating is directly related to the capacity, so if someone said "20C is fine" I'd call them on it, because the 800ma/h 20C packs I run in my MRC Suzuki are not the same as the 20C 3600ma/h packs I sometimes use to noodle around with my CC01 MU. The little pack's 20C is 16 amps max, the big pack's 20C is 72 amps. You see, C rating is Capacity x C rating.

I know neither of those trucks are in danger of blowing their batteries, but they have as much punch as the motor will allow.

So, something that will allow a constant (opposed to burst) drain of about 30 to 40 amps will give you more than enough punch.

Now, go do some math with the batteries you have been looking at ;-)

squatch71 12-07-2010 09:53 PM

True....all true....get the highest C rating you can afford....I went with 20C rating..and was amazed with the power you get....then I puffed 2 or 4 of them (I call them cheap batteries)...then I went and got a 30C.....wholy crap!!!!! never again...see John Holmes or KrazyKrawlers (Jason)....I also like cheapbatterypack.com...see Christhebatteryman...support your venders on here...they support you and your hobby...

as on running times..I am running a 35T with a 2S 25C 2800mAh lipo and get right around 2.5 hours of bashing/crawling/trail running...not full throttle all the time...BUT I also run a 45T with a 3S 30C 1300 mAh, have only run this set up a couple of times..but for half a hour here and there...and charged the battery once...so could be a hour total?!?!? again, not full throttle...Running time depends on how heavy your finger is, the crawling..up and down...and how much power you need to get out of the tight spot you just fell into.

that help?!?!?!?

for got to add....my 2S is being run on a rooster crawler ESC...3S is on a Mamba Max

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