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Thread: New, a little help please?

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Question New, a little help please?

First off, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to view my post.

Secondly, I'm very new to RC rock crawling, i wasn't aware of the sport/hobby at all until my girlfriends dad showed me, i've had my rounds with 2wd racing (2002 RC10T4 AE/ Traxxas 4-Tec 4wd sedan that I had turned into rally )
and got really into it. I did that for a long while and then i quit because it didnt spark my interest as much, then came rock crawling.

I got an Axial AX10 Scorpion as a christmas present from my girlfriend and her family. That day her dad took me to the rubble spot in their vineyard and i was hooked. I went to our local national park and went to some spots that he had told me about and had the time of my life, i would have never had guessed the concentration and the calculations you had to take into mind to get over an obstacle, i've been driving around town looking for places to play with it with a buddy of mine, who is also looking into it as well. We found a spot where an old building had been torn down and made a trail going over rubble, under it, the side of it, you name it. For Christ's sake we had so much fun we spot our highbeams on the course from our cars to get light and stayed there till 12 o'clock at night. The next day i was already searching for upgrades to make my crawler the ultimate climbing machine, only problem was, i had NO CLUE where to start. I talked to my girlfriends dad and asked what is the best way to start? he told me to start little, maybe get some high clearance links and get aluminum drive shafts to start out little. I have yet to do so.

I came on here to get help from experts like you to guide me through my crawling experience, and would appreciate any help I can get. Possibly tips and tricks, necessary parts i may want to upgrade, and guides on to how exactly put the part on, or what i may need in order to assemble the part.

-Thank you very much.
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Hey man welcome to the addiction. Looks like it has bitten hard.

Have a read through some of the stickies at the top of this forum for a run down of some of the better parts that are available.

Also check out peoples build threads and see what they have done to turn the once stock crawler into a competition winning machine.

You are off to a good start with the AX10 as there is plenty of after market support and parts for this car.

Good luck and enjoy the reading cause there is plenty to be done.
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Default hey

Welcome to the fun and money pit we call rc crawlng.LOL the first thing i did was a good chassie.and go from there.check out bwd sssr its sweet.Just serch sssr.then read and up grade parts as they brake and be for you now it you will have one hell of a shaft.And in parts you get what you pay for.Look at the venders and suport them as they suport us.
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to be honest if you want to keep your stock chassis you can do very little mods and it will crawl really well

tires... i like rovers but there are plenty to choose from

shocks... get rid of the stockers and lower your cg, i run traxxas maxx ones and they can be found on ebay for around 15 to 20 shipped. do the shock cap mod and use losi white 2.75 springs... its the best shock i have ran

STRC 4 link plates... cheap and work

dont forget to get some weight in your rims i run a full wrap of 1/4 to 1/2 stick on weights in the fronts and 4 equal sections on the rears...hope this helps
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I gotta agree with Camo above. Now it would be somewhat easy for us to tell you what works for us, and I do recommend that you check out some build threads. You can search my name for few with frogger chassis'.

Your best bet is to get into the stickies at the top and see what people have recommended from the past couple of years of trial and error.
If you would like some names or gentlemen who have done some super cool build threads....dont hesitate to ask.

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welcome aboard caution funny you mention that it takes consentration, my freinds ask how i have so much fun going slow. i tell them the easiest way for me to describe it , is that its a cross between rc and a chess game. as far as the upgrades id start with tires and foams, makes i big diffference
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Enjoy your new rig, and read, read, read . I mean that in a positive way, since there is SO much info here. Before spending your hard earned cash on upgrades, take advantage of the experience of others and find out what's going to give you the best "bang for your buck". Some mods are cheap or even free. Getting the battery weight lower on the chassis will make a huge difference. Keep driving it and let it evolve as your new skills improve. Most of all, have fun!

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As said before tires, foams, metal drive shafts and better shocks. Later on look at chassis to give you more options. Look at a set of Rover white dots with Nova Double Deuce foams, for shafts look at M.I.P.s. Myself I'm looking at a set of Traxxas GTR shocks with Jato springs, thats cause I run a SlingShot chassis. You didn't say what type of electronics your running, may want to upgrade those if running stock.
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The headlight story made me laugh, because the same thing happened to me! Stopped by a friends house for beers after work, and to check out these things called "RC Crawlers"....next thing I knew we were dragging the halogen worklights out to the driveway

One of my favorite threads on what to do next is K.O.M's newbie comp build. I like this thread because there is so much more to it than just buying new parts.

And Welcome to RCC
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