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Thread: forbid89's rig in progress

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Default forbid89's rig in progress

I've been here for a month or so researching and trying to help where I can and I've also been working on my AX10 behind the scenes. I didn't have a lot of cash for this build so I built anything that I could rather than buy it. Once I finally got all my materials together I tried to build as fast as possible so there aren't many in progress shots but it's more of a before and after look and as I change things around I will update the thread. So here it goes:

Changes from stock:
*DIY front and rear 4-link plates
*3/8" delrin lower links, high clearance rears
*8/32" all thread sleeved with 1/4" brake line for the upper links
*Aluminum knuckles
*Battery relocated to front axle
*Mirrored Transmission
*Weight front tires (3oz in each for now)

Now for pictures

Here it is straight from the LHS, but that didn't last long.

With the body removed bone stock, I think I ran it for 20 minutes or so before tearing it apart.

Now we have to skid ahead in time about two weeks, I wish I had taken more pics but I forgot.

Here is how it sat after the mock of of the links and after I was satisfied that I had the geometry correct (I hope).

DIY front battery/servo/4-link plate It's made from an old sign I had laying around.

And the rear plate

DIY 1/4" delrin skidplate. I think it turned out horrible so I will be making a better one out of 3/8" delrin in the near future. It sucks not having a vice or a drillpress.

Back together again, just need to add electronics.

And all the way back together, please ignore my tiny 360mah lipo. I'm waiting for 1300's to get back in stock.

That's it for now, I am more than welcome to suggestions this is my first crawler and my first build so I know I have done some things wrong. If you see something please let me know. My list of future improvements already include:

*New Tires
*Aluminum C hubs
*Stronger servo and BEC
*Tweeking my steering linkage to get more travel
*Possibly a 45T or 35T motor, I would like some more wheel speed.

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Old 03-15-2011, 03:30 AM   #2
Tossin' Salad
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I would say you are doing quite well. Your ground clearance is good. One thing I would do is put some small spacers down there at the lower links...get them more triangulated on the skid. That will help with the torque twist a bunch.

Other than that...your angles look good, links are nice, you mirrored your tranny, and I would think it would do quite well the way it sits. Nice.

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Old 03-15-2011, 05:25 AM   #3
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Your link plates look really good. Nice fab work. Keep it up, and i know how hard it is to work and take pictures
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Nice work man, it took me a few months to get my crawler to that point (of course back then I didn't know anything about crawlin). I'm diggin the lower links

I'd go 35T - great wheelspeed and still plenty of torque.
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Old 03-15-2011, 12:43 PM   #5
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Nice work on the 4 link plates and links! Much better than my diy hack jobs I end up with everytime i try to fab up something.
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Looks really good, like others have said already your 4 link plates are really nicely done better than some I've seen on shelves. I would only maybe suggest either adding spacers and longer screws at the skid for your lower links or atleast outboard the links at the axle. On the rear I would also suggest mounting your shock lower outside the the mounting tab and using a spacer to take up the space left by moving the shock.
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Thanks for the feedback, I'm kinda surprised those link plates turned out the way they did. I owe it all to the dremel. I will move move things around as you guys have suggested and I think I will get the chance to make a better skid plat tomorrow. I plan to narrow it as much as I can as well, just as long as the motor and transmission still fit. Now if the rain would just quit I could actually get out there on some rocks, crawling in the living room isn't very exciting.

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good job on the link plates. I need to make mine as nice as that
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Surprised your body isn't all hacked up yet, I removed the fenders on mine the first week I got it.
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Wow, those link plates look CNC"d. good job!

I was able to narrow my AX10 up by .7" [with my after market chassis] with no issues BUT! any bit helps. The stock AX10 is a mile wide and even taking off .375-.5" can make a big difference in the tight stuff
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Old 11-04-2011, 10:02 PM   #11
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Well it's been quite a while and my AX-10 has gone through some changes so I thought I would update this thread in case anyone cares or wants some ideas.

Here's a list of upgrades since my initial post:
*White dot Rovers
*T-Pro MG-996R Servo
*Gatekeeper GC3A Chassis
*Tekin 35T motor
*Custom 4-link plates

I lowered the body and made of my own gunnar style mounts (had to in a pinch, I will still get the originals when I can)

Here is a shot with the body off, it's kind of a mess and I need to rework my wiring a bit. The CC BEC pro is a little bit of a problem since it's the same size as my ESC

My DIY rear "U-mount", it's not a ripoff at all....

Front Axle plate, again DIY

And the bottom, I reused my delrin links from before and in case anyone doesn't know Traxxas #5347 rod ends don't fit the GC3A skid without some sanding.

That's it for now, please feel free to make suggestions. I do have a short list of upgrades that I plan to complete in the future, but seeing as I just got laid off that might not happen for awhile:

*Stronger drive shafts
*Beef Tubes
*Aluminum C's
*High Steer Knuckles

Steering seems to be my biggest issues right now, the stock plastic C's with button head screws along with regular knuckles don't allow for much steering.

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Looking good
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