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DeaDShorT 12-16-2007 02:31 PM

Messing with a low servo mount
Had a little experiment going, not too sure how this will end up. Pretty much a ghetto fab, but looks like it might work...need to get some links made and mount some shocks etc. I tested it for clearance with some HPI wheels and a set of Imex Rubicons...much wider than the Axial beadlock and Losi Claw setup it's likely to be running.


666 12-16-2007 02:34 PM

Great idea Stan, gives you a good place to mount the battery also!! How about some pics from the backside?

Rockcrawler 12-16-2007 02:35 PM

When the knuckles turn, the steering link will move in towards the axel. I cant tell for sure from the pics but it looks like when the link comes in, it will hit the servo arm. Throw some all thread on it and see how close its going to be. Looks good besides that though."thumbsup"

DeaDShorT 12-16-2007 02:41 PM


Originally Posted by 666 (Post 966322)
Great idea Stan, gives you a good place to mount the battery also!! How about some pics from the backside?

Yup, the 3s Lipo should work nicely up there...:twisted:

The geometry on the steering links leaves a little to be desired. I'm also playing with an angled mount where the servo tilts down toward the knuckle...but that has givien me real clearance issues.:roll:

rocktoy 12-16-2007 02:49 PM

I made one kinda like this the other day. Steering linkage hit hard. I mounted the servo arm straight up to make it clear. I have a 3cell lipo on the plate and the servo is underneith on the other side. I did bend my plate on the servo side. Its at a slight angle so it pulled in towards center further and gave more clearance at the tire. the lipo still sits flat though.

FYI I run MSD's wheels on mine and clearance is TIGHT at full lock. I have about 1/8 inch between the back corner of the servo and the tire. Probly about the same between the lipo and tire on the other side as well.

It did make a huge difference on my rig though. Having the lipo and servo basicly as low as they can go makes it much more stable over my former TLT setup of battery on top of servo.

slugzracing 12-16-2007 04:18 PM

Tire clearance is fun. On mine with the G-made wideners I just barely clear at full lock. I was not as careful with servo placement though"thumbsup"

DeaDShorT 12-16-2007 04:26 PM

Wideners might be mandatory with this setup:lol: I just looked @ setting up a BTA...:shock:

str8bucs 12-16-2007 04:31 PM


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