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Thread: 1.9"s on axial ridgecrest/deadbolt ax10? Stock ar60 axles?

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Default 1.9"s on axial ridgecrest/deadbolt ax10? Stock ar60 axles?

Hi guys, wondering if I can directly swap some 1.9" wheels and tires. Thinking of some vanquish method 1.9" beadlocks and some rc4wd rock crusher xt 1.9's eventually. Why am I thinking about this you ask? Just wondering pumpkin clearance will be ok..

Lol I wanted to enter a comp, 1.55's or 1.9's allowed only so I'm bumming some 1.9's from an scx10 II and some hexes off a guy for the day lol for a comp tomorrow(first ever crawler comp!)... I have wonderful 2.2" rock crusher xt's on some HOT Racing Steelies.. I really am thinking about an scx10 II or TRX-4 tho...

Its just I have had my Ax10 deadbolt for a while and its kinda become nostalgic because its discontinued now and I sunk mine to the bottom of my lake and GOT IT BACK, so its kinda a lucky unlucky rig all NON waterproofed electronics and everything worked except the tire foams were soggy... Happened when I was playing on the ice with my rig and it sunk through cause the ice was too thin... Idk if you guys heard the story but its funny...


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Default Re: 1.9"s on axial ridgecrest/deadbolt ax10? Stock ar60 axles?

Realistically, it's gonna drive like a plow. I have 5.4" (same height as my stock 2.2 Ripsaw's on my Wraith) Proline Boggers on 1.9" wheels and still drag the diffs quite frequently with .350 hubs, narrower hubs will be better. The Rock Crusher's you're proposing are only 4.19" tall so your tubes/diffs will be about 5/8" lower than with your current 2.2" Rock Crushers. If that's what it takes to get in on an organized event on short notice, I'd still go for it, but there's no way I'd put money into tires that short on AR60's. If the wheels they're on use SLW hubs, I'd run the smallest hub that you have access to.

My kids' AX10 clone axles with 4.75"/1.9" tires hardly drag at all compared to my 5.4"/1.9" tire'd AR60's... but mine turns WAY better!
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