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Johan_Eriksson 09-18-2019 05:07 AM

Getting my first sporty need advice
I have bin looking at getting a comp crawler, un-stuck gen 2 are top of my list then a Margo after that. What axles would you recommend if I go with a dlux cheez Berger trans (just got one in a trade) that has built in od/ud on a un-stuck v2? Ar44s that are modified to ar60 length? I heard about a guy doing that with ssd diamond centers (not dlux, can’t figure out how to place battery and electronics on those axles). No sure where to get them though or what they would cost. Would they even work since I need to be able to flip one axle for the cheez Berger to work.

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Natedog 11-22-2019 10:40 AM

Re: Getting my first sporty need advice
I'd go with whichever axle you like the look of, almost anything can be fabricated if you've got time, tools or money. DLux Cheezburger is pretty sweet tranny, userid Codyboy has made some sweet axles, check out some of his builds for more ideas. You could start with SSD diamond centers and lathe your own tubes, cut down some inner axle shafts or lengthen some shorter ones. :)

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