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Thread: My Capra

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Default My Capra

This is sort of a long story ill att more later as I have mother day duties here shortly.

This truck still has the RTR based transmission/transfer case, axels and motor.

Flat bottom:

I'm trying to lower the weight significantly.

I would love to get some feedback. I have installed Delrin upper links installed. I also have lower links made from Delrin. Should I install them?

I put the Capra light bar on the front I think its kind of cool.

Has anyone replaced the Capra transmission? I would love to flip the motor to face forward. Any thoughts on how to do that? I would also like a much lower weight transmission. Any thoughts on how to replace it?

See the picture:

Anr recommendations on the transmission or forward motor mount that might work?


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Default Re: My Capra

So i've built 2 of the STH V1W chassis's, i dont believe your going to shave much more weight since your not your using the rear shock hoops or the inboard shock mount/brace, one thing is laying down your shocks that far they are going to be very soft and articulate without much force even with med/firm springs even with 60+ weight oil.
I personally dont care for delrin links that much, i would keep the lowers SS at least for COG and sliding over rocks.
With this chassis you can flip the skid to gain abit of foward bias, however if you have it i would suggest installing the front lower battery tray and run your battery there instead.
Now if you dont flip the skid i would suggest flipping the 3rd members so your not running your motor in reverse.
Also your going to want to use a longer rear driveshaft the stock capra one will pop out the center spline under heavy articulation, you can order a axial driveshaft set and use 2 long ends and a long center spline its what i did.
As for as the transmission you could swap in a OG 3 gear and it would help but no dig stock, or figure out a toyzuki style detached style trans/ t case. since this is all aftermarket stuff you may to just have to get creative with it or contact STH and ask adam.
honestly i would throw abit of brass up front and it looks like you have the TGH wheels, if you didnt get brass inners i would run those upfront, i dont mind abit of rotating mass although some guys would disagree.
super lite is not always the best thing, you need some weight to keep it planted.
I have about 20 packs through my build although it has 4WS & Dig only other mods are purple springs and a proline XL super swampers, stock rims and a 11 tooth pinion. Its the most capable rig ive ever built.
This is all subjective to what your trying to accomplish and also just my 2Cents and experience with this chassis.
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Default Re: My Capra

Thanks for the reply.

On the shocks, I agree they articulate far too easy. I put it together this way to get the ride height I wanted. They are the original from the Capra and quite long as well. In the back, I'm thinking about putting the shock hoops back on and they using the shocks off my trx4 sport in the back. They are a bit shorter and might get time to the lower ride height. Is there a better shock option?

In the from I'm using the capra shocks with the much shorter trx4 springs. Do you think I should run trx4 shocks all around? It there a better alternative?

For the battery, I thought of mounting it on top of the steering servo with some velcro. I played with it and it just fits? I have no experience with this sort of thing, is it a really bad or good idea?

The TGH wheels are really awesome! I have brass up front and aluminum in back.

Im going to order a Toyzuki motor mount and transfer case or possibly the TGH kit but that seems quite expensive. Any Opinions on either?
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Default Re: My Capra

Anyone Have a Holmes Hobbies Revolver Motor 1800kv they want to part with?
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Default Re: My Capra

Sorry for the late reply, work picked back up and im gone 14+ hrs a day.
So for as far as the rear shocks, put the hoops on and use the hole closest to the the transmission in the hoops, start at least 50 weight in the shocks, use axial purple springs on all four and in the spare parts bag of the capra thier should be some internal shock limiters, about 4-5mm is a good starting point. this is to limit the rear artictulation and forces the front to help stay planted and it will get your lower links flat and as the springs break in it will another acouple mm's.
Honestly the stock shocks arent bad since they dont leak, Just 5mm to long IMO.
This is the current setup im using except im using 60 wt oil and im very pleased with the performance thus far.
I mean i guess you could mount the battery on the servo, i run my trucks hard and its not uncommon for servos to get pretty d*mn warm, I'd be more concerned with it shifting after a tumble and having to take the body off and reposition it, PITA.
Ive never ran a toyzuki setup, i know they have a really good reputation, and im sure the TGH is very nice but its waaay overpriced IMO compared to some other flat rail chassis.
In 10 years in the hobby these 2 V1W's are the first flat rails ive ever messed with and its something different.
Any other questions post em up, however work calls.
Be careful about asking for parts, the mods are watching.... haha
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