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Thread: RR10 2-speed

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Default Re: RR10 2-speed

Thanks for the input guys, appreciate it!

Mamba X is in my cart, but I don't know which one I want- on Amazon I can find 2 Mamba x's- one priced at $166.95 (model 010-0145-00) and one priced at $139.99 (model 010-0155-00). From CC website, it looks like the 145 is the "Extreme" version, but I can't seem to find an easy explanation of what that gives me?

As for motor- lots of castle creations combos available on Amazon, seems almost all are 1406-XXXXKv. I thought I had read that the 1406 wasn't a good fit for the bomber (I'm not sure I know what 1406 refers to). What is the better option? What Kv should I be looking for- currently running 2S as that is what I have but can add 3S down the road.

Holmes Hobby- I would love to find it on Amazon, as that is the easiest for me, but I'm not finding any on there. What Holmes Hobby motor is best- I've read the Puller Pro 540 is a great option, but that also opens the door for questions- PP, PPS, PPXL or PPR? All seem to have different Kv options too...

Thanks again and sorry for all the newb questions. I bought my bomber 3 years ago, quickly played hard and upgraded a lot, then its gathered dust for the last 2 years, now I'm getting back into it.
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Default Re: RR10 2-speed

You definitely want the 010-0155-00 Mamba X, it's the current model. As far as the motor is concerned, I'd go with a Holmes Hobbies 2700kv or 3500kv Puller Pro 540.

I suppose if you HAVE to run only 2S right now, get the 3500kv version. It will handle 3S fine, although you may want to get a slightly smaller pinion gear at that point.

The 2700kv would be slower than I would like on 2S. Amain and RPP Hobbies both carry Holmes Hobbies, or you can order direct from the man!

However, combining the order with an ESC may get you free shipping and/or a discount code from one of the other sites I mentioned...

Lastly, the Castle "Slate" series of sensored brushless motors are pretty decent, they are the blue-gray colored ones.

Don't get the green Castle motors for a crawler.

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Default Re: RR10 2-speed

Thanks again for your time and input and again, sorry for all the questions.

I'm on the RPP site right now looking at the HH Puller Pro 540's, of course there are options...

Based on what I've read and what you stated in your post, I am looking at either-
Holmes Hobbies Puller Pro V2 540 - 3500kv Rock Crawler Motor

Holmes Hobbies Puller Pro V2 540 - 2700kv Rock Crawler Motor

I have 2 brand new Venom 25C 2S 5000mAh batteries, thus the reason I was going to run 2S for a while. 3500kv sounds like the best choice for this battery and it sounds like I can make a 3S work with it with some minor modifications.

I will pair either one with a Mamba X. The Mamba Monster X isn't needed I guess.

And one other comment regarding my "rolling resistance"- in another thread it was stated that the vehicle SHOULD roll pretty freely with the spur/slipper clutch tightened down, yet in this thread it was stated that you will only get "free roll" with either the driveshafts or the slipper removed. Now I'm not sure what the vehicle should do! So a simple test for anyone willing to do so- with your vehicle assembled (no battery installed), what does it feel like if you try to push the vehicle with your hand across your bench? Do the tires roll, skip, whats it sound like- gears moving? I wish I would have paid closer attention to how the vehicle "felt" before I tore it apart to give it a once over.
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Default Re: RR10 2-speed

Originally Posted by Cocamper View Post
Thanks again for your input guys!

I'm not too ashamed to admit I'm still a newb, but I'm learning as I go!

I had recently installed the Vanquish motor plate/cam in anticipation of upgrading my motor. It was after I got it all put back together that something did not feel right, but I was having a tough time pinpointing what didn't feel right. I had taken it apart twice looking for something, anything, that looked out of place but nothing had jumped out. Last night I took it all apart again, this time looking specifically at the areas voodoo and nightcrawler pointed out. Sure enough, I could see rubbing on the trans housing that I had not seen before. Looked closer, and I found the motor plate was not 100% seated on the little stubs it mounts to by maybe 1-2 mm (the screws were all tight). Took it off, inspected it and compared it to the stock plate. All looked good, so I put it back on and this time made sure it was fully seated by giving it a little tap with my rubber mallet. Put it all back together, cranked my slipper clutch all the way down and then backed off a full turn, and everything moves as it should!

Thanks again for taking the time to point out areas to look at and inspect. Maybe somebody else will run into this issue and find this thread.
Just wanted to put some closure to my “rolling resistance” question, this is from the “My bomber won’t roll freely” thread.

Now back to your regularly scheduled 2-speed debate!
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