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broadside 01-12-2022 07:03 PM

Latest battery options for Bomber?
What's the latest battery option for the Bomber? I'd like to go back to a 3S 4-5000mAh 30-40C LiPo but sizing is always tough to know what will fit in real life and not just on paper.

They don't make my old battery anymore that was great. 3S, 5400mAh, 45C and it fit and ran great

While not ideal specs, is this a good one and will it fit? Venom 20C 3S 4000mAh 11.1V LiPo Battery with Universal Plug (2 Packs) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FE0ODRC...ing=UTF8&psc=1

bgredjeep 01-12-2022 08:04 PM

Re: Latest battery options for Bomber?
I've been running these in my bomber.


ToCrawl 01-12-2022 08:53 PM

Re: Latest battery options for Bomber?
Living in Germany is this my favorite for 3s https://www.modellbau-berlinski.de/r...rd-case-t-plug

It is a HRC 3S 11.1V 4800mAh 70C

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Almighty Malach 01-13-2022 06:11 AM

Re: Latest battery options for Bomber?
I run dual 4300mah 3s lipoHV packs, one on each side of the skid. Better weight distribution and CG, only slightly harder to do a battery swap now. Ended up cutting the windshield bars out and unbolting the interior for easier access.

Bombernoob 02-08-2022 06:03 PM

Re: Latest battery options for Bomber?
I have a powerhobby 5000 with a 50c 3s that fits nicely in the battery tray...

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