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Thread: driveshaft angle

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Default driveshaft angle

okay so i am making new links to extend the wheel base and i was wondering about links lengths. on the axle output that the driveshaft connects to? should it be angled up any. like the upper links being a little longer? or keep it straight. And i might as well ask what is the best material to make the links out of?
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I use threaded rod and then sleeve it with 1/4" aluminum tube. You can find that stuff at most hardware stores for pretty cheap. As far as the driveshaft angle goes, yes, point the pinion at the transmission output. In the real world, it would depend on your driveshaft type, the difference in length between the upper and lower links, the length of the driveshaft and type of joints that are utilized...but for our purposes....ya, just point it at the transmission output if you have the link length to do so.
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I havent have much problem with pinion angle for the front axle but I've noticed when i had the stock link set up for the rear the axle tends to bind going over obstacles. Try your best to line the rear driveshaft parallel to your lower links so they are tucked away.
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53guy, you helped me again. I was wondering about the axle angle. Now I know that the axle can be angled towards the transmission and not have to be level.
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As long as the yoke on the axle end isn't hanging below the lower links, you should be ok. I try to point the axle pinion output shaft straight towards the transmission output when viewed from the side. This is easier to do on the rear than it is on the front as doing this on the front axle will totally mess up your caster anglee.

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