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Thread: JK kit shock help

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Default JK kit shock help

Hey guys. I was looking at my truck sitting on the table before and I noticed then when I put it down onto the table, the front and rear sags a little bit.

I have the adjuster nut all the way up on all shocks? Do I want to adjust that to add some preload, which will stiffen it up a little? Or do I want that little bit of sag? Also, what position on the shock hook should I run the shocks?
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Default Re: JK kit shock help

you can adjust the pre load on the shocks to get rid of the sag wont hurt it at all. its just the weight of the rig that makes it sag.
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Default Re: JK kit shock help

the static ride height should not be at it's most upper
pre-load limits.

Look at a 1:1 rig even stock...
and you will see that it is nearer 60/40 (down/up travel)

I roll my chassis at a static ride height that is nearer 50/50
in it's wheel travel.

Some folk pre-load excessively so that they may fit taller tires.
But that is not the correct way... unless yer building a pogo stick.

The proper way would be to trim the body as necessary
if rolling tires the size of which is more appropriate to that of a Caterpillar.
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Default Re: JK kit shock help

I leave the rear alone, sometimes I will adjust the front a little bit, but I dont do it via the preload nut. What I do is put a longer shock eye on the bottom. By doing that it raises my ride height slightly to compensate for a heavy font end (steel bumper, winch, battery pack) without changing the preload.
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Default Re: JK kit shock help

I run mine a lil farther down then they come on RTR...a lil over halfway...work great...on my Honcho with steel bumpers and a stereo system(lol)

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