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Z0MB13 01-22-2017 10:08 AM

Heavy Duty Bevel Gear Set
Are there any other gear set option out yet for the AR44's? For like over and under drive?

Axial Racing - Heavy Duty Bevel Gear Set - 30T/8T

mikebecher 01-22-2017 10:16 AM

Re: Heavy Duty Bevel Gear Set
Maybe! This was just posted and I count 28 teeth on the ring so that means it's a different ratio. My guess is 28:7 making it an underdrive. I doubt 'Xtra Speed' has put in the engineering and tooling resources to develop this from scratch and that it's based on an Axial design so we might be seeing one from them soon. I've got my fingers crossed but I already have one of these on order.

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