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Thread: 267mm wb?

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Default 267mm wb?

Iím considering converting my spare 10ii chassis to a 267mm wheelbase to fit a hardbody I have, however Iím no good with DIY and building custom parts. Just dont have the patience 🤦🏻*♂️

Does anyone know the correct link sizes so I can find/order some online and just swap them over?

Itís a 313mm wb Cherokee currently..

Thank you! 🙏🏼
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Default Re: 267mm wb?

There used to be a short wheelbase conversion kit from STRC, that allowed the original SCX10 to use the short wheelbase Tamiya hard bodies, but I doubt that would be very useful on a 10.2 (if it's even still being produced).

The easiest way of doing this is simply ordering rear links that are approximately 46mm shorter (313-267mm= 46mm difference) than the stock Cherokee links. This allows you to keep the stock steering/panhard/3-link geometry up front, but you might end up with weird things out back do to the shortened links.

(I pulled up a couple manuals to help out here.)

If you want to use the internally threaded, tube-style links that come with the Cherokee kit, you'll need 55.5mm and 47mm links; stock links are 101.5mm and 93mm.

If you want to use the threaded-rod style of links that are on the RTR, you'll need 78.5mm and 68mm links; stock links are 124.5 and 114mm.

With that said, you may want to shorten the front up just a little so the rear links don't do weird things like bind the rod ends or roll the axle a ton. You'll have to experiment with that yourself, but I wouldn't shorten the front more than 10mm or so from the stock lengths.
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Default Re: 267mm wb?

Big changes required with ride height as well as your drive shafts will be at a extreme angle from the transmission down. Then you'll also need to alter the lengths of said shafts as well!
Not wanting to dampen your enthusiasm but I'd reckon performance would be pretty bad

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Default Re: 267mm wb?

I was actually looking to do something similar with my 10.2. I want to fit a Kyosho Chevelle body (~270mm WB). I get that I'd need to remove ~39mm of link length from my shortest to get the WB I want. Could I fix potential driveshaft angle problems by going down to 80mm or even 70mm shocks? It's currently riding at the standard 12.3 length (chassis kit version, I have 11.4 links available) on TRX4 90mm shocks.

Performance isn't necessarily an issue. It's a build for my dad and will most likely be a yard/garage crawler.
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Default Re: 267mm wb?

MST makes a chassis or two with a 267mm wheelbase.
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Default Re: 267mm wb?

Been a while but figured I'd post an update anyway. Decided to go a different route with the body. Just need to finish body paint and cut/install some diamond plate "running boards" on the side plates and it'll be done.

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