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Thread: My Broken SCX10!!!

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Exclamation My Broken SCX10!!!

I have an scx10 2 honcho that I need help with. I was on a walk, and I ran it head long into a curb. Since then, it will turn right, but only about half an inch, left. At the time I had an upgrade servo (25g servo from amazon) and so I swapped it out with the stock one. The second I plugged in the stock one it reset to the center (something that the upgrade one didn't do) but it still would hardly turn left. I've tried many videos, and brought it to my local hobby shop, but I still can't get it to work. Please help!!
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Default Re: My Broken SCX10!!!

Do the wheels turn easily all the way to the stops by hand with the servo disconnected? Sounds like a binding issue maybe. Likewise you can disconnect the steering arm and see if the servo with just the horn has full range both ways. I guess it's possible that the rx/tx could have messed up but I would say that should be highly unlikely.

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Default Re: My Broken SCX10!!!

I'll start by agreeing with SCX10, mechanically separate the servo from everything (undo your steering link or disconnect your horn from the servo, etc) and test the servo by it self. That should make it easy to determine if it's electrical or mechanical.

I'm not too well versed in electronics but is it possible the impact with the curb and resulting spontaneous load on the servo could have overpowered the ESCs BEC?

From my experience, heavy wheels and sticky tires, combined with a weak servo can kill a built-in BEC. The servo, trying to move the wheels/tires, draws too much power through the BEC.

Could the ESC/BEC supply power to maintain the tire direction then get overwhelmed when the tires get forced in a different direction?

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Default Re: My Broken SCX10!!!

Well due to an impact, we need to rule out bent steering components, bent frame, etc. after that, you need to remove the servo horn, power up the servo to center it, make sure trim and end point adjustments are reset to default and then install the horn and set end points.

Itís possible the servo was damaged on impact, then the stock servo was installed incorrectly and damaged upon initial start up when it centered itself. Many possibilties, but itís always difficult to diagnose without the vehicle in hand.

Pictures and video are always helpful
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Default Re: My Broken SCX10!!!

it could also be a striped servo horn
most likely its just a trim adjustment issue like stated above
those rigs take huge drops and drive away with out issue all the time i know mine have many times most of the time there fine
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Post Re: My Broken SCX10!

I'm gonna try to answer all your responses in this post. The servo horn that I am running came with the upgrade servo, and is aluminum and the teeth of the gear look fine.

It is 100% and electrical problem, because it still doesn't work without the servo horn or installed on the truck. When I crashed it, I'm pretty sure I broke the ESC, because about a month after, the motor wouldn't work and the ESC would get really hot really fast whenever I plugged the truck in.

I've replaced the stock ESC with a brand new ESC from EBAY that came off of an SCX10 ii XJ. With the servo installed and the truck and remote off, the servo will turn both ways fully by hand. I think the most likely thing is what smc-93 said about the ESC/BEC, but like I said a soon replaced the ESC, and the wheels didn't get shoved against the direction the servo was trying to push the wheels (The wheels were relatively straight).

I will try to get some pictures/ videos.

Thanks for all the replies!

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