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Thread: Scx10-3 Gladiator.

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Default Scx10-3 Gladiator.

I was out crawling this morning. Everything was fine, then the rear dig stopped working. Ok seen that before, servoís die. Then lost drag brake. Drag brake is set to maximum on controller. Tried adjusting drag brake on controller noted as I got closer to minimum setting the rig started to creep backwards? Then at minimum it was slowly going backwards. Also noted it now delays going into reverse. I swapped to a different battery no difference. I swapped batteries in the controller no difference. I stopped at my local hobby store and they tested my batteries there fine. Tried a set of there batteries for the controller no difference. We tried rebinding the receiver/speed controller ( same unit stock) at first it wouldnít bind. Then it did bind on the 3rd try now the steering is glitchy . Anyone seen or had this happen?

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Default Re: Scx10-3 Gladiator.

Maybe your reciver is taking a poop if ya have a spare you could swap them and see if it goes away
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Default Re: Scx10-3 Gladiator.

Originally Posted by ferp420 View Post
Maybe your reciver is taking a poop if ya have a spare you could swap them and see if it goes away

I donít have a spare one. That one has the receiver and speed control built in as one.

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Default Re: Scx10-3 Gladiator.

Unfortunately, with that ESC & RX / TX the drag brake can't be adjusted independently of the throttle trim. To adjust the drag brake independently you need the program box for the ESC. And even then, the drag brake when set at 100% isn't very strong. Maybe with a higher turn motor you could get stronger drag brake.

If I remember correctly, the delay between FWD & REV is also adjusted via the throttle trim, or another one of those knobs on the TX. But that knob is also connected to some other setting.

Basically, to adjust the things you're trying to adjust you're going to have to buy the program box. Or buy a different ESC that doesn't require a program box. But then you'd also need to buy a Spektrum RX, since your RX & ESC are one unit.
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