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Thread: 1.9 What I wanted to take to axial fest..

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Default 1.9 Edited for 2013.

Well my wife and I planned going this year, and my Matv is on the back burner til I get my garage sorted again, so with the local rc group crawling I had to run something, and I found out vp put out a metal version of a plastic axle housing I made last year and so i slapped it on and got this.. enjoy, In action pics tomorrow! also If anyone could make a panhard bar so I can chassis mount this and finish up hiding things on it would be awesome and yes still a lot more work, to do on it, Also on its first test run was a comp did very well up til gate 7 on course two the one screw I forgot to locktight came off and went missing, some how it bump steered its self into gate 8 and couldn't make it to 9..

list of things in it
Trans metal upgrade all but housing, 35t HH
Electronics, a Jr 8911hv, wraith lightening system, castle bec, mamba micro esc, Atx 300 receiver, just a comment on this thing came with a new brand rc buggy and the thing was faster then my slash 4v4 out of the box, the controller allows easy adjustable at anytime to move the wheel simple to use 3 channel control with over steer, all with 2.4 system. worth the money for me not ruining my wrist like I do with drag racing, Ill take more pics of it also. battery, I ran 3 packs of these parkzone, 11.1v 1300mah 15c softpacks, they are cheep and easily abused. I typically only run thunder power but these little green things do the trick by far.

Wheels, Clearly pitbulls these tires and rims have a bad history with me. everything I put them on since i bought them ruined the rims or broke my damn trucks, they stick to everything which is really good since we do sharp loose dirt hill climbs. but anyways

drive shafts MIP, the special bag i think it was 54.99$ for normal size shaft and a dig size which is great since I had to bring in the front, oh I also turned around the motor and trans for a little weight forward.

these shocks, I can not remember who did a really good timberwolf build around October last year but they described these losi short course shocks and I been using them on my heavy builds since, the black I want on the front, but I still need to cut away the electronic plate, but before I do that I wanted to see if anyone has done a pan hard bar for the short axles for this.

Axles vanquish metal axles.

I do not remember who makes the droop or raised shock mounts worth it though, I did mod the hood the upper bar near the dash i replaced with metal links to give a stronger support with the hood and magnet on the front to keep it down i do plan on making the electronics hidden very soon.

with all said Its fun! and >.< I cant wait to go visit my family in California in.... july....... So I might just bum around and find the local crawler guys again, tried last year and missed a event.

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Default Re: 1.9 What I wanted to take to axial fest..

Exaclty what I am building.. Looks great dude!
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Default Re: 1.9 What I wanted to take to axial fest..

Any feedback on that JR 8911hv would be appreciated! Im planning on getting one soon! Thank you!
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Default Re: 1.9 What I wanted to take to axial fest..

BoardN88 Exaclty what I am building.. Looks great dude!
Thanks its actually very fun to play with and I got rained on before any pictures and nothing is water proofed yet.. but after talking with team3six and his lovely build about the front axle vs bump steer, this is going to be chassis mounted very soon.

Matthewboerner Any feedback on that JR 8911hv would be appreciated! Im planning on getting one soon! Thank you!
I am a futaba guy, I do not like using other brand servos receivers or much of anything else. but... last year I got into rock crawling and tried two 128$ high torque and metal geared futaba's and both smoked on me on first or second use all 7.4v. now I have 6 of these guys, I have ran 3 and 4 cell lipos with no bec and haven't smoked one from that "I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS" and not being much of knowlegeable for JR the few things I do like is the final gear is not nylon or plastic of any kind, its harder to modify into a winch and a bit easier I think with a no box mod, also a no servo board mod they do not lose any power. I ran one from last july til this year was on my honcho "pit bulls killed" and now on my bronco from Crunky. the only issues I have had was I had my esc mounted to the top of it, and my front axle weight was around 6 and half pounds and it started to over heat my esc. I will tell you that if you put it into stress and then dunk it in water you can ruin the metal or melt the plastic a bit. the other really nice thing not sure if anyone else has done this. Change the servo board with a smaller board "non programmable" futaba one for reduced weight the newer ones I have one also they have a silver instead of black case and I haven't abused it enough to say its as good. but the grease that is stock in it holds the temp very well. I hope this helps a bit. Also do not be afraid of drilling a hole on the bottom of the plate to sneak it out the bottom instead side for those pesky tamiya mounts
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Default Re: 1.9 What I wanted to take to axial fest..

Well time for a update on this, 5 runs 10 gates 3 courses per run, and 1 of the 5 runs was at gravel rama which is located in koi area, we had a blast even with the heat.. and to the end I believe the heat was getting to me because I decided to break a few things... Started with a wood bridge then took off golf ball size chunks of rocks by ramming them with this beast.. and the guys are calling it a bear now

So anyways with all the abuse I got some pictures Ill be ripping it down more this week to find its issues, currently I am running a plastic spur gear which I thought was making the skinning a alive cat sound but it wasn't and I have ALOT of play in the right front wheel now, so I am kinda worried I finished off the axle or locker Good thing I found out the 35t hh I fried earlier this year, I rebuilt with left over parts and been using it in this and have not had a issue since. Oh punisher drive shafts its working on #2 at the moment.. Got some cvd slash sleeves to cover it for a more stock look. the rest you can see.

To do's consolidate the rats nest, rebuild a rear roll bar switch the shocks front to back to front, and set the front mount lower while also putting high clearance links on the rear should give it a better performance less belly dragging, while all trying to make inner finder walls and a bed. Random question to anyone still reading this Has anyone made a scale snorkel for the wraith yet?

Ok on to the porn.

First weighing in at 6 pounds 5.1 oz's

The rat's nest


Oh should point out, The transmission if flipped will need modifying the interior or else it will make the WORSE noise of plastic on plastic you will ever hear... and I loveeeee making the local guys cringe

Even with the weight, and everything set up low, the biggest issue so far was at a 45 degree angle uphill where I did not have a winch it took me 5 trys to get up it while the hood was up from rolling over

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Default Re: 1.9 What I wanted to take to axial fest..

So an update for 2013! braking one of my personal rules after i broke "never buy crappy losi" by a nightcrawler and been taking 1st and 2nd all last year in our sportsman i decided to buy a tekkin and try it out since others are having a blast with it.

So stuff Adding to the bear...

1x Rc4wd 2speed Transmission "this thing i been waiting on since march last year, and got it today.. all i can say is WOW just WOW there is almost no slop, 100% metal no plastic, and they give a replacement of every screw and a extra pinion gear to use the spur gear. its the same tooth size as the Traxxas slash. Gear is plastic fully metal for everything else though.
1x Tekin SC 4x 5.5T "my first tekin I have always destroyed these with castles so I am a bit hesitant"
1x R.R. Slash 4x4 gear upgrade 60t
1x R.R. Slash 4x4 gear upgrade 64t
2x Proline 1.9 Baja claws "Vetra stiff foams"
4x Gunbolt gray vq rims with black beads.
1x 7.4v 2cell 6000mah Wildcatfuels Black ops hardcase 10awg.
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Default Re: 1.9 What I wanted to take to axial fest..

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