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Thread: Shock tuning ?

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Default Shock tuning ?

was just wondering if anybody had any tips on how to make the shocks a little softer as in quicker rebound for better response. i have integy msr10's on my wraith now with a drop kit and they're just to slow and stiff. it came with the other springs but it feels more like the oil isn't moving through quick enough. can your drill out the pistons or change to a lighter oil? I've never rebuilt rc shocks before so i was hoping for some advice before trying this.
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I wanna be Dave
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Default Re: Shock tuning ?

My shocks have 80wt in the front 60 rear but seem to respond plenty fast to terrain. But stem slow when pushed on by hand.
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Change the easy stuff first. Mounting points. Springs, then oil, finally pistons. Don't go by the feel in your hand but how it feels on the rig when the rig is ready to go: battery, body, driver etc.
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Default Re: Shock tuning ?

ok i have them on a droop mount and the angles are great for articulation and height. i did find out to day that the integy msr10s aren't oil filled from factory. the place i ordered them from said rtr but i opened one to change the springs and bam no oil. turns out that the o-rings were so tight they were restricting the rod from moving freely. did a few mods and changed the springs and did some tests and they work great with no oil. it rides a little bouncy but i think i can go up a spring stiffness and take care of that.
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Default Re: Shock tuning ?

How on earth would increased springrate make it less boncy? It defies every single law of physics. Fill them with oil and see whay happens. Damper has to main functions:
1. Dampening hard strokes
2. Controlling the spring. Here comes rebound in, limiting the spring to just bounce right out after it has been compressed. Little rebound leads to a very bouncy ride.

A couple of weaks ago I opened some shocks I got used. Thought they where "a bit" stiff, but was suprised to see that they where filled with thick grease instead of oil? What the H are people thinking with?
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