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Robudda 08-12-2016 06:44 PM

HR Shock Rebuild Questions
I picked up a Wraith Roller and the shocks need some work. I looked for info and videos on youtube about rebuilding them, but did not find any.

They were missing the springs and the bottom spring cups. When building my race rc car shocks, they either have a bladder or a Bleeder hole when there is no Bladder.

So questions:

1. Are these supposed to have a bladder?
a. If so will the axial bladders work?
b. If not what is the proper fill amount when no bladder or bleeder hole.

2. To measure what length of these shocks, so I know what springs to get. Where do I measure from. Eye to Eye, top of shock body to where threads start on the shock shaft etc.

I am hoping I can use the stock wraith springs and shock caps, cause I think the locals have some spare parts.


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