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Thread: XR axle bearing prep and maintenance

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Default XR axle bearing prep and maintenance

I figured I would post this since my results seem to be different than everyone that I have talked with about this upgrade. I was told that I needed to do the 9mm upgrade immediately and that i was guaranteed to have bearing failure with the stock 8mm bearings. This seemed to be the word from everybody with the Axial XR10. I built my rig when they were first released and have comped it etc. since building it without tear down. I figured after the RECON comp that it was time to get all the bad news taken care of, so with a little help from Moto I got the bearings and boar tool needed to up size the motor plate. The reason I am posting this is because I take knowledge on builds for granted and think everyone knows the correct or what they seem to be correct way to assemble and maintain there equip. Dan, Irvin, Diamond D, and a bunch of others all told me about this bearing problem and how it happens right away. But this was not the case with my stock bearings (I had no failure with my stock bearings) so I will give you an insight to how I prep and maintain my axle bearings.
1. first of all as soon as I get my kit I throw every bearing into a cap and let it soak for at least 24 hours in synthetic ROYAL PURPLE "maxfilm".(it's the same theory as making sure you pack the bearing in your hubs before you put them in your 1:1, the stock lube is for packing and storage until it can be shipped to the customer which then has to be packed before assembled) here are some simple pictures on what I do. The stock bearings are sitting on the table next to the new 9mm bearing that are soaking, "note that they still look new".
I also spray this down my axle ends after each comp, placing my truck on it's side on a towel I spray
some royal purple down the axle end at the hex's and let it find it's way to the center then the following day I will turn
my truck over and do the other side.
sorry about the crapy picts. my camera sucks

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Be careful if you are using rubber sealed bearings.
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Originally Posted by limited77 View Post
Be careful if you are using rubber sealed bearings.
It's all synthetic with no petrolium distilates in it. So it won't hurt rubber,
plastic, nylon etc. Use it on most everything, but the price tag will kill ya
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Me and my buddy were talking about doing this to our bearings a little while back, great post Rocky
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