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Thread: Losi LST XXL shocks?

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Default Re: Losi LST XXL shocks?

I was planning on using my old LST shocks, but the combo I have currently seems to work for the track I run at, loose dirt, but on sundays its watered(raceday) and it does fine. I have the white springs(White front) with 70wt in front and white springs(green rear) with 30wt. I have the the fronts at 13mm instead of 10mm and the rear at 17mm instead of 13mm or 14. Not having an issue right now but the rears do seem tough so i might move to 13mm.
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Default Re: Losi LST XXL shocks?

Anyone else who has tried RC Raven dual stage springs with LST shocks?

I got those after seeing they are very popular and many people seem to like them a lot, at least with LST.

Nevertheless, I don’t get it how they are supposed to work as dual stage springs. The spring is unloaded 11cm, and the ”softer” part is only collapsed when the spring is pushed down to 5cm...way more than 50% of the springs length. So I was unable (Even with the shock alone and not even mounted) to find a situation where only the stiffer part of spring is working....except with preload taken all the way down when the shocks are all the way extended at rest even with my 20+lbs YXL....way too much preload

What is it that I’m missing here or is the dual rate with these springs just way off what is should be? Or are the springs I got somehow defective/ different from what others have?
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