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Thread: XL Kit build evolution

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Default XL Kit build evolution

Not much happening in the forum but figured I'd show my build in case anyone wants to see it.

I haven't been into RC since about 20 years ago. My last build was so long ago I can't really even remember it. I play with alot of 1:1 stuff and saw the Yeti and figured why not. My kids have some traxxas stuff and I got the bug again.

I ordered a kit and a bunch of HR parts to start off:
Transmission case
Shock mounting plate
Skidplate front axle housing assembly
Rear driveshaft
Front Bulkhead,
Front body mount
Rear Axle carrier
Front Axle carrier
Rear Spool
500k front diff oil
HR rear sway bar

Paint was forest green metallic, and looked amazing for about 5 minutes.

As far as motor I went with a sensored CC 1515 and MMX esc. Radio choice was Futaba 4PLS. Steering Servo is Holmes Hobbies HV500.

Batteries are SMC 7200mah 2s

My terrain is pretty technical. there are plenty of areas to let her rip but alot of big rocks and crawling is involved as well. So my plan was 4s only with an emphasis on U4RC style with a little KOH backdoor thrown in.

The build went great. Gear setup was good. I did not do any of the third bearing shave my pinion stuff. I shimmed the ring gear and lapped the outer pinion bearing outer race to achieve a good mesh. Ditched the in-box grease for some EP2 and after a crapload of runs and wrecks and full throttle launches the gears look great.

Only thing broken to date has been a rear upper link, all body panels (including the interior panel from a stick), and the tire foams are shot. I also did kill a Gearhead RC AAA battery holder after it let go and wrapped the wires around the front driveshaft.

Here it is brand spanking new

After some runs and some shock tuning I decided I wasn't getting the shocks exactly where I wanted them and spring preload was way up for some ground clearance. After about 3 revalve and oil swaps I went with Losi LST2 shocks up front and Hot Racing piggyback rear caps, hoping to get some better compression. Which turned into a nightmare as the orings in these caps suck! So I remachined the piston and used larger orings.

Machined a mount plate to fit the LST2 shocks with clearance on full uptravel and droop

I completed that and decided the sway bar sucked. Great for bashing but way too much articulation limiting. So I turned the HR rod smaller. That still wasn't enough so I ditched it all together. Much better performance in the really technical stuff.

After a bunch more runs the HR skidplate axle mount was totally chewed to death. So I quickly made a custom delrin skid plate bumper. I also added a rear axle skid.
The car ended up here:

After this I ended up adding a longer servo horn by cutting the battery tray out. This is an excellent mod! My steering throw is great now. On concrete it still turns like a semi, but its concrete, not what this made for. On dirt with the spool I just spin the car around really tight using throttle.

So that brings me to this weekend. The original body was done. Half of it was cracked and the rest was rubbed through. So some Barndog racing panels went on.

The orignal tire foams were totally smoked. The tires would flatspot really bad and in the rocks they would pinch the bead.

I wanted a bit larger of a tire too. So I decided to try some Losi DBXL-e Maxxis Creepy's with the losi beadlocks. Haven't run it yet, so we'll see how it does. I've also got my eye on the Kraken Trepadors.

I used machined out HPI 24mm hexes with custom machined shims, and crosspins. I then machined some screw slugs and cut some screws to length so that the whole thing sandwiches together with no play while still leaving .005 of bearing movement. Alot better than stock

Here's the car as it sits right now

Overall I love this thing. Its pretty damn impressive. I have alot of big rocks out here. Steep loose hills consisting of decomposed granite are all over as well. It does great. Glad I got back into the hobby
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Default Re: XL Kit build evolution

glad to hear you love it! I love my XL too. Seriously impressive machine
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Default Re: XL Kit build evolution

The Maxxis Creepies have started to come in a bit. Brand new they were fairly stiff. Once I got the lugs rounded a bit they are hooking pretty well on the rocks. Soft gravel hills they are not as good as the Falkens. But in the rocks they have performed better. Which is semi counter-intuitive but the lessened contact patch is offset by the increased ground clearance from less tire deformation. They still bit pretty good too once the lugs round...which is more or less my experience with the 1:1 treps.

Just ditched the gearhead lightbar and grabbed one from onetoomanyrcs. I'm hoping night runs will be a bit brighter!
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Default Re: XL Kit build evolution

looks awesome. Could you post a pic comparing the two wheel/tire sizes? Your build looks great. I am still considering upgrading from a Sl4sh to a YXL. Thanks.
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Default Re: XL Kit build evolution

Originally Posted by ejfiii View Post
looks awesome. Could you post a pic comparing the two wheel/tire sizes? Your build looks great. I am still considering upgrading from a Sl4sh to a YXL. Thanks.

This was about the best way I could shoot it.

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Default Re: XL Kit build evolution

Sheared off the output shaft pin today. It wedged itself in the spool when it broke. you can see each end of the pin still left in there. Appears I took out the differential case during this as well. The spool pin dug through the plastic housing and rotated itself about 65 degrees until it wedged in place. Gears are good and I drove the car back to the house about an 1/8th of a mile with an open diff.

I've got an obstacle I have yet to clear which I was trying. Its a rockface jump to an 8' boulder, then goose it to jump off. I missed it, like I always have, and it wedged the rear tire in a crack when I went to goose it.

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Default Re: XL Kit build evolution

Your rig is looking good brother nice work!
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