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Thread: Cleaning??

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I wanna be Dave
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Default Cleaning??

How do you clean your rigs? I have the RTR version (far from it with all the hop ups now) but im still using the rtr electronics. I thought about spraing it down with some simple green,hosing it off and then hitting it with an air compressor and a shot of wd40 on the bearings but iam a little hesitant.
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Default Re: Cleaning??

IMO you're on the right track. I use Simple Green (stuff is awesome) and a light hose spray. Then hit it with WD-40 (Water Displacement 40th formula ) Let it sit for a bit and wipe it down with a micro fiber cloth.

I would stay away from the air compressor, has a tendancy to force any little bit grit or water left into places you don't want grit & water.
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Default Re: Cleaning??

Mine is not waterproof so I just use an air compressor to blow all of the dust and dirt out, but I also don't run in wet conditions so that is really all that is needed. Just make sure not to get any water/simple green/wd40 in the diffs and transmission.
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Default Re: Cleaning??

The perfect Cleaning tool for RC trucks is a "Garden Sprayer". Don't get the plastic type, find a metal one, fill it with warm water and pump it up.

The metal sprayers hold more pressure. It's like a scale pressure washer for tiny stuff.

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Default Re: Cleaning??

I use a Wilks pressure washer to clean. Just use the special nozzles to regulate the pressure of water. I know that most of these pressure washers https://best-pressure-washers.co.uk/best-petrol-pressure-washer/ for examples have such nozzles.
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