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Thread: Yeti suspension

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Default Yeti suspension

What is a good suspension set up for the stock shocks, pistons?,what weight oil? Or should I go with a aftermarket set of shocks. Pro line? Or 1/8 scale shocks? I'm not doing much crawling just running around the yard chasing the dog
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Default Re: Yeti suspension

This is what I am running now:

Axial stock RTR shock bodies all around.

Axial AX30222 Spring 14x70mm 3.55 lbs/in - Blue in the front.
Axial AX30214 Spring 14x90mm 1.71 lbs/in - White in the rear.

The three hole pistons #3 from the Axial AX80033 Shock Parts Tree all around.

Oil wt 20 in the front shocks.
Oil wt 10 in the rear shocks.

In my experience, this setup works very well on trails. Bumpy ones. At least, I like the Yeti "floating" forward while the wheels wobble away those bumps and holes.

The stiffer the springs and thicker the respective oil, the bouncier a car becomes. And with every vertical movement, the forward speed is reduced. Common thing.

With this setup, mainly the wheels go up and down, so that the car maintains a large portion of it's forward speed. And it just looks better and that's what we do it for as well.

Only downside of a soft setup is that the shocks bottom out easier, especially touching down after jumps. But with the Yeti this is about the same moment as when the chassis hits the ground. So not that bad.

Just try it and find out. Anyway no 4.95 lbs/in and 80 wt or double shock setup for me.

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Default Re: Yeti suspension

My current go fast setup front 700cst (think. approx 60wt) and the blue 70mm axial spring. Also good setup for trail crawling.
front diff right now has 1mio cst

i use the spring connectors out of the spare parts for double spring setup for the rear. which i use with the white and red ones out of the front spring set hr racing is offering (optional Front 14*54mm specs are 2.64 3.4 3.8 4.95 lbs/in). put the 500 ( think app. 40wt) cst in. Perfect for the surface i go fast (open gras with nasty little bumps and hidden holes). For trail crawling i have to test more to see if it's improves with an other setup.
my experience is that's the rear setup depends on weight, surface and driving style.

Best handling improvement for a yeti is using ci duece wild standard foams. day and night to the axial foams.
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Default Re: Yeti suspension

Originally Posted by magic_yeti View Post
Stiffen up parts will cause other parts to break ;)
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Default Re: Yeti suspension

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Default Re: Yeti suspension

Again, I don't exactly know what Axial was thinking when they decided 10wt shock oil was okay for normal everyday "rock racing". I built the kit with what was included. It didn't take long (3 minutes or so) to notice the Yeti was severely under dampened. Donkey kickin' the rear end on every bump/jump makes for wacky driving no matter how much reserved throttle you have to try and correct it in flight. I spent many weeks with different spring/shock oil/pistons setups trying to cure the rear end kick. I went back to stock pistons and I slowly increased thickness of rear shock oil every couple of runs. I believe I finally settled on 45wt oil for the front, and 35wt for the rear shocks (Associated shock oil). I'm not an extreme basher, but the rear end now has a shot to clear a jump without bottoming out first.

I run my Yeti almost like a SC truck at backyard rough off-road track. 2S LiPo packs only. Top speed 22mph.

Stock Shock Pistons
3.27 lbs/in 70mm Yellow Springs
45wt Shock Oil
Ride Height-Arms Level
30k Diff Fluid

Stock Shock Pistons
1.71 lbs/in 90mm White Springs
35wt Shock Oil
Ride Height-Lower Link Level with Chassis

And like the others...DEUCE'S WILD 2.2 STANDARD FOAMS

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