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v33 03-27-2018 04:17 AM

Akumu - Yeti build
Decided to build a class 3 crawler but could not find a Bomber that fits my budget... saw this Yeti and got it last sunday.



current setup for a race but will soon swap out parts to make it a crawler.

I need to lurk here to see if i am heading in the right direction, so far my stage 1 plans are to get Vanquish steering system for it, maybe try an SSD centered axel for the rear. Get a front diff locker and replace the rear with under drive gears, also alloy knuckles and steering carrier. the last part of my stage 1 build is to replace the tires and maybe get better looking wheels (all alloy).

thanks for viewing!

v33 03-28-2018 01:49 PM

Re: Akumu - Yeti build
After driving the rig a few times on the dirt and on road, noticed that the rear gear had some really bad slop and was clicking. Decided to just replace the gears and go with an under drive for it.

Got a Boomracing 43/13T...


Of course it wont make sense to have under drive gears without locking the front. Got a GPM diff locker...


Tomorrow I will run it in the backyard and see how she performs.

Thanks for viewing!

DavidH 03-28-2018 05:47 PM

Re: Akumu - Yeti build
The front locker puts a lot of stress on the driveline, so for reliability you may be better off with 1M wt or silly putty in the front diff. This may not be an issue if you keep to crawler speeds, and no jumping. Did you buy it used? Check to see if you have the 92 mm universals.

I did not go with the overdrive/underdrive option as I did not want to compromise high-speed stability. For climbing, I have a lead weight that snaps into the nose to keep the wheels down on the ground, and to cut the turning circle I added rear steering.

The kit also comes with longer shock endlinks that provide a bit more droop, and I made my own rear sway bar out of a bicycle spoke and some traxxas links to provide more articulation while still reducing torque twist.

You can easily tighten up the steering by adding a 1/16 or 18" spacer under the servo saver spring. A good/fast/strong servo will also make the truck more fun to drive.


DavidH 03-28-2018 06:23 PM

Re: Akumu - Yeti build
Also, try swapping the lower link mounts left to right, as mentioned in the manual, for improved crawling ability.


v33 03-28-2018 11:54 PM

Re: Akumu - Yeti build
Thanks for the input @DavidH, i will definitely try those.

I got the kit used and the previous owner still has to deliver the box and spares that came with the kit, planning to change a lot of things and learn in the process... I will do a trial and error just like what i went through with my SCX10 v1. in a week or two, the order for the Vanquish steering will be here (hopefully).

It will be a long process since the group i run with are mostly running Class 2 spec chassis and a handfull of Class 1's. I plan to re-introduce Class 3 in my country, not sure why it C3 died since there are a lot of yeti owners in my city.

I will be crawling with this rig, if i wreck a gear then that will only mean i need to revert back to stock gearing for speed. but definitely want a spool up front, open diffs and semi-locked diffs just wont cut it for me.

Thanks again!

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