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Thread: Yeti Suspension,Too soft?

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Default Yeti Suspension,Too soft?

Just got a yeti the other week and really been enjoying it!
However the suspension is really soft,It seems to have no ground clearance and bottoms out on the slightest jump. I didnt build this kit,So I took the shocks apart and put new oil in them 30w in the rear and 20w in front. The rear seem to be a improvement but as far as more suspension in the front it wasnt better,Seem to bottom out even easier,However my steering seemed more responsive!

Im looking for more ride height and something stiffer that wont bottom out as easy. Im not sure if harder springs and maybe different weight shock oil will help with the stock shocks,or should I get new shocks all together like the proline?

Any help will be appreciated,Thanks!
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Default Re: Yeti Suspension,Too soft?

The prolines typically sag under the weight of the yeti.

I recommend trying the higher rate springs from axial - they work great on my 8 lb rig; you may want to try 30 to 40 wt in the front, depending on the weight of your yeti and how you drive it.

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Default Re: Yeti Suspension,Too soft?

yes stock is way too soft
i run the stock icons with 500cst rear and 700cst front with a dual spring setup rear and blue 70mm axial front. front is perfect for my little monster in any conditions. rear is depending very much on weight, surface and drivestyle.

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Default Re: Yeti Suspension,Too soft?

I run proline powerstrokes and they work great. 30wt oil and a little preload. No issues.

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Default Re: Yeti Suspension,Too soft?

I've had good results with using a soft rear spring in the front and the next step up stiffer spring in the rear. Haven't changed from the stock oil.

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Default Re: Yeti Suspension,Too soft?

Copy & paste from earlier posts...

I wanted a fast responding setup, both in absorption and in rebound, while also able to deal with moderate (scale) jumps. All to keep the wheels on the ground and not in the air.

I played with different spring/oil/piston combinations, also the double action shock pistons (for faster rebound) from the AX80033 Shock Parts Tree. Didn't like 'm. Not smooth at all.

This is what I am running now:
Axial stock RTR shock bodies all around.
Axial AX30222 Spring 14x70mm 3.55 lbs/in - Blue in the front.
Axial AX30214 Spring 14x90mm 1.71 lbs/in - White in the rear.
Oil wt 20 in the front shocks.
Oil wt 10 in the rear shocks.

In my experience, this setup works very well on trails. Bumpy ones. At least, I like the Yeti "floating" forward while the wheels wobble away those bumps and holes.
The stiffer the springs and thicker the respective oil, the bouncier a car becomes. And with every vertical movement, the forward speed is reduced. Common thing.

With this setup, mainly the wheels go up and down, so that the car maintains a large portion of it's forward speed. And it just looks better and that's what we do it for as well.
Only downside of a soft setup is that the shocks bottom out easier, especially touching down after jumps. But with the Yeti this is about the same moment as when the chassis hits the ground. So not that bad.

Just try it and find out. Anyway no 4.95 lbs/in and 80 wt or double shock setup for me.

Added: For heavy jumps, stiffer springs are needed. Just experiment with springs, preload and choose oil accordingly.


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Default Re: Yeti Suspension,Too soft?

Found an old movie.

Wheel bounces and when you look at the body relative to the environment, you see that bumps are absorbed pretty well.

Taken on a parking lot with lots of holes and bumps.


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Default Re: Yeti Suspension,Too soft?

Plenty of good advice here, but I wanted to give you some general advice that will apply here as well.

You're dealing with 2 issues, and those have 2 unique (but related) fixes.

Preventing bottoming is primarily the job of the shocks. If you bottom out too much, you need stiffer shock oil, but as others have said, that's going to come at the expense of small bump absorption. The stiffer (read: slower) shock setup will stop you from bottoming out on the big stuff, but the vehicle will be skittish and unsettled on smaller, choppy bumps. If you want to do a lot of fast trail running, the softer setup will suit you, but if you plan to do more jumping, then stiffer will help. There's no magic setup where it'll be the best at both, but eventually you'll find a middle ground that you're satisfied with.

Changing ride height is the job of the springs. This can be done in 2 ways: Stiffer springs, which will also impact how quickly the shock rebounds from impact, or by adjusting spring preload, which won't impact how quickly the shock rebounds.

If you want to become proficient at suspension tuning, I would suggest that you spend some time learning about how these elements impact your vehicle, and then spend some time experimenting with it.
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Default Re: Yeti Suspension,Too soft?

RC Suspension Tuning Guide

This link may be useful

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