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Thread: SAF Berg gears

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Default SAF Berg gears

The best Berg gears ever made are finally here!

For gear info check this YouTube video starting at 12:00


What makes these the best Berg gears?

Made by a well known gear maker
These gears are made in the USA by Robinson Racing. When I wanted a well made gear, I didnt want to take some chances with a random guy or some manufacturer in China who had no first hand knowledge of gears. Robinson Racing has over 25 years of experience making gears and has made 1000's of them. I knew when I talked to them and told them that I wanted "the best gears that money can buy" that it was going to be the correct way to get these done. They really helped me the whole way from dealing with their proprietary alloy, to hardness to design. When I asked for the 48p large 2nd gear, I know for a fact that its going to mesh well with other brands of 48p pinions. If you look at the pitch of the tooth, you can see a huge difference from the SDS gears to the SAF gears. Look how much bigger the tooth is and how good the SAF gears profile looks! I am more than satisfied with the quality of these gears and I think you will be too! And one of the best parts? I can have as many of these gears made as I want! The Berg is safe now!

Strength and hardness

When making a gear, not only do you want them to be strong but you also need them to be hard so they will last. IMO, we have had Berg gears that are strong enough but for me, they never have been hard enough. I have always been able to wear a set out in about 3-6 months depending on how much I am driving. Those days are past us now. Gears are the heart and soul of the Berg. They are what makes the Berg the best RC crawler ever made. Now, the best gears just got that much better. These gears can be passed down to your grand children.

These are some of the lightest gears ever made. Take notice of the small gears. They have been gun drilled to reduce weight. All the large gears have had a maximum amount of weight taken out all while retaining as much strength as possible.

Big pins mod from the get go
All gears have the 2.5mm pin vs the 1.5mm pin that comes stock. Nobody will be able to break these huge pins!

48p large 2nd gear
No more crazy pinions that you cannot find at your local hobby shop! These large 2nd gears are made with the well known 48p so you can run pinions from many different brands, many different tooth counts and many different materials and all are ridiculously easy to find! Now we will have the option of even smaller pinions and since the pinions can be made from a better material and harder, they wont wear out. This is a huge one!

These are on sale and shipping today.


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Default Re: SAF Berg gears

Wow. What a feather in your cap. Well done!
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Default Re: SAF Berg gears

I updated the first post with a link to a YouTube video showing tech info on the gears. This includes info about them and also how to install them.

For gear info check this YouTube video starting at 12:00

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Old 11-22-2016, 10:44 AM   #4
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Default Re: SAF Berg gears

Dlux Fab is now offering a lower ratio gear set for the Berg style cars!

The lower ratio all comes from the 4th gear and the small 3rd gear.

The 4th gear was changed from a 48t, .6mod pitch to 55t, 48p and the small 3rd gear was changed from 12t, .6mod to 11t, 48p. The ratio before was 4:1 and now is 5:1 within this cluster.

So, the question is: Why would you do such a thing?

Super class Bergs! The Berg has always been a great car when it comes to the 2.2 version and is also a great option in the super class but its Achilles heel in the super class has always been its gearing. This is no longer the problem. With a 12t pinion and the low ratio SAF gears, you can now get a ratio of 57:1 (stock with 12t is 40:1). Now with your Berg super class car, you can have more torque and less stress on the motor.

2.2 class Bergs. The stock ratio with Bergs has never been horrible by any means but I have always wanted a bit lower. I have never been able to get lower gearing due to poor choices in pinions and running a smaller tooth pinion is not a great option since it wears very fast and is much harder to set mesh. Now, with the lower ratio gears, I can run a 17t pinion and it will be the same as a stock Berg with a 12t pinion.

An even cooler feature of running these gears is that when putting the servo between the tube and motor, you can now run a 20t pinion and have the same gearing as you did on a stock Berg with a 14t pinion. This means that you can simply run a tube such as the Dlux or RCbros tube with a notch cut out of it and you no longer have to move the motor up and back. Just keep the stock mounting position of the motor! Instant steering mod! I love this.

2.2S class. Lots of people have been moving to the Berg transmission gear box. This also allows for more and better gearing in that configuration. Now you can have lower gearing and a bigger pinion.

You can buy these gears separate or in a combination. I will only have the combinations on my site for now to try not to confuse people. If you want say just the lower ratio gears, please send me a message and I can take care of you. Please keep in mind that if you want just the lower gearing, your large 3rd gear will need to have the big pin mod for the SAF gears to work.

So, in summary, these gears will give you:
Much lower gearing for supers
A bigger and better pinion which means less wear and a much easier to set mesh
The ability to run anywhere from 34:1 to 57:1 which will not only be great for your personal preferences but will also allow you to run Berg axles with many other brands (RC4wd, XR10 etc,.).
Ability to run the servo between the motor and tube without modifying the motor mount.
Better gearing in a Berg transmission gear box for the 2.2S class.
Attached Images

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Default Saf=fba

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Default Re: Saf=fba

Originally Posted by SkaldidDog View Post
Wrong thread but the right response.
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