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Thread: A break from crawling

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Default A break from crawling

I learned overr the past weekend that a hobby store about 40 miles away is holding a pulling competition every other weekend so I figure what the hell. The pull is 63 feet and the max weight that has been pulled is 13 lbs. So out of curiosity I put my son in his walker hooked the walker to digger and up the street we went from one end to the other up hill and down hill no problem other than the neighbors really questioning my sanity now. Then when we got back to the house we tried offroading and sure enough digger pulled Garrett through most of the front yard. Now I know that the walker has on wheels and is not the same as pulling dead weight but I was pretty damn impressed. Digger has the gd600 gear reductions at a ratio of 114 to 1 so for the pulling comp next weekend I am going to drop the gearing to a ratio of 150 to 1 and see what happens. It should be a pretty good laugh pissing the gas truck guys of with a little electric truck and besides whats the worst that could happen other than totally stripping out my gear cases.
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Default Re: A break from crawling

that sounds pretty fun. Make sure and get pics and video.. especially of the looks on the other drivvers faces...haha
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