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Thread: You Swan the What?!?!

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Default You Swan the What?!?!

Guy swims the Amazon.......

That's 3,274 miles, swimming 10 hours a day for 66 days.. on two bottles of wine a day.

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smokin that amazon dope and all that wine makes you do crazy chit
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All I know is, swimming for me is like running.

If you see me doing it you better be in a hurry to follow, cause something is chasing me
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the guy is crazy and also it says he doesnt get drunk bs, hes prob so drunk that he doesnt even realise how drunk he is lol haha
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I swam about 10 miles down the Miramac last year.......ok I was on a raft.......and I passed out for about the last couple miles. You have to start somewhere.
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Another guy did this a while back but never got out of the water He had been bitten by piranha, leaches, ect.... and he smoked cigarettes while he was swimming
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But of all the dangers, the one Martin feared most was the tiny candiru, otherwise known as the vampire fish, a parasite with a vicious tactic. It is attracted by the scent of urine and enters the body by swimming up the penis. Once inside it locks itself on with a series of spikes and feeds off blood and tissue. Surgery is the only way to remove it. And if Martin was attacked the nearest emergency ward was hundreds of miles away.

At least he was in good company throughout the trip...
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eff that man.

dark murky water freaks me out.

and then the penis fish?

by god ill smoke a phatty on a raft and laugh at the swimming parasite hotel
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