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Thread: whats a good 1/8 scale buggy for 300 or less?

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Default whats a good 1/8 scale buggy for 300 or less?

im gonna get yet another r/c for christmas. and ive decided i want a 1/8 scale buggy.
so far my choices are the hot bodys rr rtr buggy
and the ofna ultra lx comp.
does anyone have any advise on one to get?
im not gonna do racing just bashing.
i wish i could buy like a ofna pcr or a pbs , but i dont have that much to blow so should i just wait and save or just buy one now?
thanks for any advise.
p.s. i just finnaly finished my tlt-10 conversion out of 6-32 rod instead of t-maxx links but i didnt cover them with anything, do you think that they will get hung up a lot cause of the threads?
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Default Re: whats a good 1/8 scale buggy for 300 or less?

I run a hyper 7 pro, and while it isn't an entry level buggy, it sure stands up well to insane bashing. It's survived more than my savage ever thought of. I've managed to draw 3 of my close friends into the hobby (now thier wives hate me), and they all have Ofna LX's of one sort or another. They do ok, not quite as tough as the hyper, but they are a decent ride. If you have a motor and a radio allready, take a look at the OFNA MBX pro R2. Its an 80% kit and includes some upgrades that the LX pro and Comp are in dire need of. My buddies are all sick and tires of bending front universals evey time out. One has converted his LX Pro to the MBX front and rear PBS suspension and along with it comes the upgrade to 8mm axles. No more bending.
The best thing about the MBX R2 is that its relatively inexpensive. I'm sure I saw it at nitrohouse for $180ish.
Either way, you can't go wrong with OFNA, just for sheer parts availability.
Of course, if you want to step right up to something like a hyper 7, I've got almost enough parts to build a second buggy. I could hook you up... I need to fund a scale crawler project.

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Default Re: whats a good 1/8 scale buggy for 300 or less?

The Lightning RR is a great buggy for the price. I own two Lightning Pros, my son has an RR and so does my Dad. They can take quite a beating and handle nicely, too. New-in-box RRs sell on Ebay all the time for right around $200-$210. Can't beat that!
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