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Thread: Rigs of Rods-Offroad Simulator

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Default Rigs of Rods-Offroad Simulator

Hey my name is MICRACER. I am a modeller for the vehicle simulator called Rigs of Rods. I have always loved rock crawling and this is one of the most realistic and has the greatest ability to make your own rigs out there.

I would like to invite anyone and everybody to come join the forum and have fun like I have with this game.

Maybe even get some other modellers onto RoR. I know there are talented people on there who can create some more crawler or whatever you want.

I am always open to suggestions but as you can probably realise these things take time. If you have any suggestions email me at micracer@msn.com

Visit the forum here
Official Rigs of Rods Forum - Rigs of Rods

You can dowload rigs of rods here
Rigs of Rods

You can download my newest rig here
Video of that rig

And you can follow upcoming projects of mine here
- Home

Also here are a few pics of my projects

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holy spam! nice first post. welcome!

btw Off-Road Drive> RoR
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I have not played offroad drive but RoR is opensource meaning free to use and completely customizable. Anyone can create anything for it and if something is not possible you can tell the coders and they will add it in as soon as possible. Also RoR simulates physics which is unique to RoR. Never seen a game that can replicate it as well as it can.
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I have never played that game but rigs of rods is open source meaning the game and all content is provided free of charge. Also rigs of rods simulates physics meaning that all sorts of vehicles can be simulated very realistically while offload drive and similar are more arcade type games. Not saying there not fun just not as realistic as rigs of rods. Not to mention that whatever you can think of can be built in ror.
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Awesome looking game. You should make a console version ps3 mainly
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i downloaded RoR how do i get different rigs i can only get the semi 2 different busses and a 8x8
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game, offroad, rock, simulator

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