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Thread: Maxxum catches some air.....

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Old 12-12-2004, 02:28 PM   #1
I wanna be Dave
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Default Maxxum catches some air.....

I managed to get the FWD Maxxum to run... still need the new hexes but I got it to work for todays fun in the skate park after ORCRC's trail ride with the TLT trucks(pics of that soon)....

At first the car was going good and fast then after a few hard landings the motor shifted and the gear mesh was messed up. Fixed it and lent the controls to RCRockGear's R&D guy to kick some arse.......

This car rocks in the skate park! The weight balance is right on for smooth landings. It'll nose down the perfect amount..... thanks to it's forward mounted tranny/motor. I need to get a bit hotter motor for even higher flights

I need to search for a spare diff to lock up for this car as the torque steer is awful!! It pulls left under full throttle. Thankfully it uses 12mm hexes so I'll be able to find some sticker tires to toss onto it as well. I also need to find a good body for it as the buggy one looks like crap
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Pebble Pounder
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Default Re: Maxxum catches some air.....

In that first pic the car was probably about 8 feet in the air. Dont get me wrong I love crawling but there is just something about catching huge air that brought a smile to all of our faces.

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I wanna be Dave
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Default Re: Maxxum catches some air.....

HA, and I thought that there were no other maxxums left out there. I have on that would be a damned good parts car for ya if your interested. I think I even have a set of steel hexes for it. I know I have a partially assembled chassis and a-arms, steering knuckles and I think I have a few sets of dogbones too. If ya want the stuff Ill be in PDX next weekend at Raven's and CR's house. Just lemme know.
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