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Thread: Futaba customer support

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Default Futaba customer support

Today I called futaba because I had some questions about the futaba bls157hv servo and I honestly couldn't believe the way the guy I was talking to treated me, he acted like I was an idiot because I had a few questions about the product, why else is there customer support, I mean I had some pretty easy questions to answer then the thing that really made my day was when I mentioned I wanted to switch from a jr ds8711 and get that servo he flat out said that he didn't even know what that was and right then I said that I didn't want the servo anymore and that he pretty much made me wann stick with jr servos because if I ever had any other questions about it once I got it I would have to deal with him again possibly. My main point is I can't believe the way people represent their companies anymore, we consumers spend good money on their products then the company has to hire rude people like this. Just thought I'd let you guys know how pissed I am at futaba at the moment lol. Have a good one and I hope this guy gets nailed if someone was listening in on our conversation, I'll still proly buy the servo because Harley is a solid guy and I run what he runs
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I feel ya dog. Ask here. Plenty of knowledgeable folks willing to help I'm sure.
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Default Re: Futaba customer support

What were your questions?
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Default Re: Futaba customer support

Let me guess.....it was John?

In the past, I've had good and bad results with their CS...
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Default Re: Futaba customer support

Yikes. Sorry to hear it. I wish I could have helped beforehand, I'm always willing to answer questions. I've spent plenty of hours on the phone with people answering questions or helping with radio setups in a pinch. Email me anytime, I'm quick with responses.

Let me know man. Sorry that happened.
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Default Re: Futaba customer support

Sorry to say I think I got the same guy.... I'm a long time Futaba user and love their radios etc. First time I called in with a question regarding a BEC and power source they had no idea why I would use muptiple BEC's or run 3 servos.... Maybe the plane guys all use 1 or 2 servos?

Long and short of my issue. Don't use 2 seperate power sources with a Futaba receiver and HiTec servos and Castle BEC's it creates a signal loop that I could find no way to get around. Once all receivers, speedo, servos, bec's were powered off the same battery everything played nice.

Sorry to say it Harley as I love my Futaba products. I was just very suprised at the response I got from CS. I even patiently explaind how it was wired along with the why, and usage. What I got was it's not Futaba's problem. I agree it's not a hardware "problem" but it is something to take note of for Futaba product users. I see it as the receiver having the issue of no common ground so it signal loops.

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Default Re: Futaba customer support

I love my futaba 4pl and back in the day my mom and dad both used futaba so I know it's a good brand, just that guy kinda irritated me lol. I think I'll still get it and if I have questions I'll be sure to ask HERE and not there, thanks guys this made it all better haha. Harley ill be sure to email you any questions I have.
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