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Thread: Gamers?

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Default Re: Gamers?

Originally Posted by durok View Post
Yeah, Wreckfest is a blast!

Took them a long time to add more content, but it's definitely one of my favorite time-wasters now...
Was looking close at this, prolly do it based on your take. Bought Dirt Rally 2.0 on the same sale...gonna wait for a rain day or maybe the weekend to get in there. BTW, wind is the new rain in SoCal...
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Default Re: Gamers?

Been waiting for "Session" to come out for XBL. It got pushed back to late Nov - early Dec
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Default Re: Gamers?

Same thing with Doom Eternal - the only shooter I was gonna pick up right about now - but they bumped it to March next year.
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Default Re: Gamers?

damn, if done right this could be huge.
Predator has a huge following

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Default Re: Gamers?

^^That looks awesome!
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Old 12-18-2019, 11:42 AM   #186
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Default Re: Gamers?

It's MP.

Finally they added Laguna Seca. Thank you, Santa!

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Old 12-25-2019, 12:00 AM   #187
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Default Re: Gamers?

Finally started getting into the new modern warfare, not a big fan of a lot of the maps but that's not uncommon for me. I like to run and gun and this game is a lot more stationary and camouflaged. Been sticking with hardcore kill confirmed and domination while avoiding maps like picadilly, crash, and the cave. My favorite new map is shoothouse, and I like that they brought back shipment and vacant.

I also got into Ace Combat 7 on black Friday and it is fun but gets old fairly quickly. Not sure what else they could do to make the game more dynamic and have more depth but there's only so many things I can chase and shoot missiles at before it gets boring.
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Old 12-26-2019, 04:11 AM   #188
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Default Re: Gamers?

Not much run and gun in MW 2.0,,,,, or any newer game for that matter.

I tried the open beta for 2 days, and played like 2 hours, and then it was off my hard drive again.

Only thing in it i like are the graphics, and really that's the least thing on a long list of must haves in a FPS game.

I am amazed the game don't have a random shoelaces come undone, so you cant run and have to stop and bend over to tie the shoe lace.

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Default Re: Gamers?

I don't consider myself to be a gamer, but I am nuts about one game - San Andreas (for your convenience, here is the link) . I'm not a gamer by nature and usually do not waste my time on such things, but that game helps me to distract myself from the problems and relax
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Default Re: Gamers?

i hopped on the COD mobile game. seems like its way easy. i know if i get on ghosts or any other COD game for console id get my butt kicked. i can get 25 kills and die once on mobile though, and do it regularly.

what i like about the mobile game is the fact that they brought zombies into it. and since when did we have bosses to fight? lol. i dont play zombies much though, thays a mode that needs a lot of communication from the team.

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