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Thread: FitBit?!

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Default FitBit?!

Anybody have one of these things?

My Sister was apparently more spooked by my hospital stay than I was and bought be a Charge 3 Large Bundle (in black, but with the extra navy band in the box) and I'm not sure if it was a waste of money so far, but I'm charging it right now and going to give it a shot. I did join a gym a few weeks ago and have been doing cardio as well as getting back into lifting. I am expecting it to be in the way for anything that doesn't involve walking around (including sitting at my desk at work or here at home).

What have everybody's experiences been with these things have been?
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Default Re: FitBit?!

I was going to buy a cheap smart watch on BF, but then i couldn't due to me not having verified by visa as that would require me having some Danish digital identifier,,,, and i can not trust the Danish government with such things,,,, or anything IT related for that matter.

On that account our latest loss was to the tune of 500 million DKkr, and it was in NATO realm where some digital command and control ASO thingie ( from Raytheon ) was scrapped, but not before we Danes hurried to put 500 mill into that hole in the ground.

PS: wonder what the American President have to say to that ( Americans wasting money too i assume but maybe that's okay as it was to a American company )
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Default Re: FitBit?!

I bought my wife a Versa 2 Fitbit for Christmas. It's a PITA to set up. She's not super happy with it. I told her to give it a week or two. We'll see.......

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Default Re: FitBit?!

I bought the Fitbit Versa about 6 months ago. I love it so far. I've been telling myself for years that I need to get in better shape. I am able to see and keep track of steps and miles walked, flights of stairs climbed, calories burnt and so on. It's nice to be able to see my heart rate at a glance. It's also nice when I'm out on the trail with my rigs I can see how many miles I have walked.

I wanted to buy an Apple watch, but just didn't have the hundreds of dollars for one. (I needed them hundreds for R/C!) The Versa does everything that I need it to do and I am very happy with it so far.
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Default Re: FitBit?!

I had one, I also had one of the Samsung watches. I wear a watch every day and having to take one off to charge it is infuriating to me. The Samsung seemed to track heart rate better, but its "steps" and distance walked were not even close. By miles. The fitbit was far more accurate on that front. I don't know that either made me more aware of my fitness. I didn't find either one to be in the way. The bands were quite comfortable and soft, I didn't find them catching on anything however I'm used to wearing a GA201 gshock.
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